Great Gatsby Long Hairstyle

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The roaring 20s was an era of great fashion and hairstyles that stands the test of time. The Great Gatsby 20s inspired look is definitely a classic style that can be updated to fit modern trends. The 20s look was bold and daring, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking modern and current.

A Bold Cut and Color

Image of a woman with styled Gatsby inspired hair.

A striking haircut and color great for achieving this look is a deep side part with a starlet-inspired bob. To add contrast, decide on a light to medium brown as the base color while adding highlights in shades of golden or honey blonde. The highlights should be around the face to create a face-framing effect and it should contrast the darker base color. To add even more detailed for that old-fashioned look, consider adding a few pale blonde pieces with subtle hints of red.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Image of a woman with her eyes made up to look Gatsby inspired.

Now that you have the perfect cut and color picked out, you can then continue on to modernizing the 20s look with makeup. To add a hint of glamour to the overall look, try opting for a subtle smokey eye look. Start with a champagne-toned eye shadow and apply to the lids, crease, and lower lash line. To create depth while keeping it modern, blend in brown or a reddish-brown tone in the crease. Lastly, if you want to create even more dramatic eyes, add some subtle hints of glitter to the center of the lid.

Polished Pin Curls

Image of a woman with her hair set into polished pin curls.

To complete the look, add polished pin curls with a bit of medium-hold hairspray. Use a medium-barrel curling iron and section of your hair. After each section is curled, brush out the curls a bit and then secure with a few bobby pins. Finish the look with one last coat of hairspray and you have the perfect Great Gatsby inspired 20s look that can be adapted to fit today’s fashion.

So if you’re going for that vintage look with a modern touch, try a Great Gatsby 20s inspired hairstyle and makeup. You don’t have to sacrifice looking current while embracing classic styles and we have just the look to help you do it.

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