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Winter has always been the season that brings style. It’s time to think about the beauty trends of this winter and nail art is always in the spotlight. There are so many shades and colors you can use to make awesome nail designs. So why not go for something classy and elegant like a winter grey?


Grey nail design with a chevron pattern

Chevron patterns are a classic design for many winter fashion items and nails are no exception. Choosing the grey for your nails will make the pattern stand out even more. You can also add some stones and sparkles to make the whole thing more eye-catching.


Grey nail design with sparkles

For a little bit more bling, you can choose to add some glitter to your grey nail art. You can use a few shades of grey and add some sparkly nail polishes on top of your base coat. The contrast between the sparkly finish and the matte finish of the grey color will be an enchanting look.

Abstract Art

Grey nail art with abstract pattern

Abstract art is something unique and appreciated. Here your nails can be the canvas for an incredible abstract pattern. You can opt for a combination of grey and black to evoke the image of a night sky. Or, you can use grey, white as well as shapes like moons or stars to create a beautiful and intricate design.

Winter Flowers

Grey nail design with floral pattern

If you love flowers and botanical patterns, you could always go for a winter flower pattern. Here you can be creative with colors and shapes. For example, you could use some light hues of grey and white to get a more wintery effect. Or, use bright colors and combine them with grey to make the petals stand out.


Grey nail art with a geometric pattern

Geometric patterns have always had their place in fashion and nails are no exception. Just like with the abstract art, adding a few colors to your grey nail design will make it even more beautiful. You could use shades of blue, green or even yellow if you want to give the design an extra layer of boldness.

Grey is a versatile color and can be used for so many different designs. You can opt for something elegant, classical or exciting. Whatever look you’re going for, a grey nail design is a sure winner for winter.

70+ Grey Nail Art For This Winter Ideas 63 – Fiveno | Grey nail designs