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It is undeniable that the hairstyle you choose can emphasize your beautiful features and make your face look more flattering, so it’s important to choose a good one. Moreover, choosing the right hairstyle depends largely on the shape of your face. There’re different approaches to determining your face shape and the hairstyle that will work with it. And this article is going to give all of you an overview of the hairstyles that work best with different face shapes.

Round Face

Woman with round face shape in front of the mirror, checking hairstyle

Round faces are gentle, cherubic, and a little softer than the other face shapes. Curls and waves will make your face appear more voluminous and larger, so opt for choppy cuts. Layered up-dos like bobs and lobs will also look great on you. Avoid too-short haircuts that will emphasize your soft nature.

Square Face

A woman with square face shape in front of the mirror, checking hairstyle

Square faces have straight sides, a wide forehead and a square jawline. The width of your forehead and jaw will be almost equal. The widest part of your face will be your cheeks. You can decide to soften the edges with a bit of body as well as layered bangs. Curly and wavy hairstyles as well as choppy bobs are perfect for adding facial softness. Avoid center-parted styles as these will make your face look longer.

Oval Face

A woman with oval face shape in front of the mirror, checking hairstyle

Oval faces tend to be longer than they are wide, and your forehead will be wider than your jawline. The classic bob is considered best for oval faces as it complements the length and curvature of the face. You can cover your forehead with straight bangs, play with parting styles and choose cutouts with sideburns. You can also leave the hair a bit longer so the strands can frame your face.

Oblong Face

A woman with oblong face shape in front of the mirror, checking hairstyle

Oblong or rectangle-shaped faces usually have a long length and narrow features. If you have an oval shaped face, you can go for asymmetrical cuts, wispy bangs, and layered cuts. These styles make your face look wider and shorter. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can keep long layers so it won’t add too much width or length to the face.

Heart Face

A woman with heart face shape in front of the mirror, checking hairstyle

Heart-shaped faces are identified by their prominent cheekbones, pointed chins, and sometimes clefts in their chins. For heart-shaped faces, layers that start at the chin will create width at the bottom and will help to balance a wider forehead. Adding some side-swept bangs and keeping the hair short to mid-length will also help to achieve balance. Avoid too much volume on the top and center parts as these will add width to the forehead.

Diamond Face

A woman with diamond face shape in front of the mirror, checking hairstyle

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