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Prom is a big event for high schoolers. It’s no wonder why many are taking extreme lengths to be remembered for timeless photos and fashionable get-up. Black prom dress has become a staple fashion nowadays, and what better way to spice one’s look during a special event than having a gorgeous hairstyle to go along with it?

Styling Long and Short Hair Ideas

Picture of a woman with curly black hair pulled back from her face

Whether you’re rocking short or long hair, there are a ton of stylish updos or down dos you can try. If you have short hair, you can opt for easy doughnut buns and half-pony tails. For girls with long hair, half-up buns, quiffs and glamorous curls are a few of the most common options. Just like how make-up can ‘even’ out an outfit, the right hairstyle can add volume to a black-colored dress.

Accessories for an Extra Touch

Picture of a woman wearing an updo with a embellished hair band

A good hairstyle is nothing without the right accessories to top it off. Some of the most used add-ons would be hair clips and pins, head bands, and scarfs. For instance, a woman whose black prom dress is strapless may choose to add a glittery hair clip to emphasize her look. You can match your accessories to the embellishments of your dress. On the other hand, if your dress is plain, you can use head bands and scarfs as statement pieces.

Finding the Right Hairstyle for a Black Prom Dress

Picture of a woman wearing an updo with a side fringe

There are so many sleek styles to choose from. To pick the perfect style, you must consider a few things such as face shape, dress style, and hair length. Also, take into account your dressed-up personality. After all, you want your hairstyle to match your natural aura, while still looking glamorous. Once you find the right style, it can look stunning in pictures, which is why many are opting for professional hairdressers to get the perfect look for their black prom dress.

No matter if you’re going for an updo or sultry curls, there is a hairstyle out there that can go hand in hand with your prized black prom dress and create unforgettable evening. Be sure to take your time when deciding on the right hairstyle to go with your ensemble. Go ahead and get creative with it, so you can look extra special during your big evening.

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