Hairstyle For Heart Shaped Face Female

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Heart-shaped faces are unique and incredibly beautiful, and if you’re one of the lucky people with a face like this, your styling options are endless. It can be tricky to make sure you get the right balance of features when it comes to short hairstyles for heart-shaped faces.

A Soft Pixie Cut

Soft pixie cut hairstyle

For starters, a super short pixie is a great choice. A soft, layered pixie cut is ideal to show off a heart-shaped face. The short layers around the face offer frame and structure, while the slightly longer pieced-out bangs fall forward to soften the wide forehead.

Long Layers That Just Scream Sexy

Long layered hairstyle

For those with a bit more length, layering can be used to craft a stunning look. Consider throwing in long layers throughout to define the cheekbones and create curves. This is a great look and can be further enhanced with curls or straightening to create a fun and flirty style.

Asymmetrical Bob Makes a Head-Turning Statement

Asymmetrical bob hairstyle

An asymmetrical bob is a terrific way to draw attention to the jawline and narrow chin. This is a gorgeous style that offers a unique twist, with softness around the forehead and cheekbone area. To avoid a boxy look, consider adding layers in the front. This look can also be styled elegantly with a side-swept fringe and bangs.

Add Volume With Flipped Out Layers

Flipped out layered hairstyle

To make the most of a heart-shaped face, adding some body and volume to your short ‘do is key. Try experimenting with flipped-out layers which will create a bit of height on top and indicate the roots of your hair. This look would be great with a few bobby pins on the sides, to stand out and create an edgy statement.

No matter what short hairstyle you decided to choose for your heart-shaped face, it’s important to make sure that it flatters your features. With so many styling options available, you’re guaranteed to be able to find something that suits you perfectly.

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