Hairstyle For Long Face Female

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Finding the perfect hairstyle for the long shaped face can be a challenge. After all, not all hairstyles work for all face shapes. But with some experiment and trial of different styles, you can find one that will look amazing on you. Here are some examples of hairstyles that are perfect for those with long shaped faces.


woman with bob haircut

The classic bob can be worn on a variety of lengths, but to really make the most of a long shaped face, shoulder length is the way to go. Keep the bangs short and add layers to the back to frame your face. There’s no wrong way to style a bob but to really get the most out of a long shaped face, try curling the ends with a curling iron.

Long layered cut

woman with layered haircut

A long layered cut is perfect for a long shaped face because layers help to soften the features. For added volume and body, style with barrel rollers or try using a curling iron to add soft curls. To give an edgy look, add a few face-framing layers and curl with a flat iron.

Curly cut

woman with curly haircut

For those who want to embrace their natural curls, a curly cut can be a great choice for a long shaped face. Be sure to use a deep conditioner and add in some waves with a curling iron to help add body and bounce to the look. If you need to define the curls, try a curl creme or a curl-defining product.


woman with pixie haircut

The pixie is a great way to show off the angular features of a long shaped face. Keep the front pieces a bit longer, leaving your forehead exposed and with a few even layers throughout the back, this hairdo can offer plenty of texture. Use a product like hairspray to keep your pixie in place and to add more volume.

Bang cut

woman with bang haircut

A bang cut is a great way to draw attention away from the length of your face and gives the appearance of a shorter face. You can opt for a long side-swept bang or opt for a blunt bang. Style with a round brush to add a bit of lift at the root and keep the ends looking smooth. If you want to add a bit of texture, lightly curl the ends of your bangs.

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your long-shaped face doesn’t need to be a challenge. With a bit of trial and error and the inspiration from these celebrity hairstyles, you’ll be able to find a ‘do that will look great and is perfect for your face shape.

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