Hairstyle For Oval Face Thin Hair

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Thin hair can be a challenge when it comes to achieving the perfect hairstyle. With the right cut and styling techniques, however, you can create many different looks to flatter your oval face. We’ve rounded up the best hairstyles for thin hair and oval face, from short bobs to pixie cuts and curly updos. For each style, you’ll find tips on how to choose the perfect look for you.

1. Short Bob

Portrait of a woman in her twenties with dark-brown shoulder length bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs

A classic and timeless style, the short bob is a great option for women with thin, oval faces. It is a versatile look that can be styled in a variety of ways. The key is to make sure that the haircut is tailored to your face shape, with the length hitting just below the chin.

2. Pixie Cut

Portrait of a woman in her twenties with a short pixie cut with a side part and slicked back sides

The pixie cut is another great style for thin hair and oval faces. This look can be worn both neat and messy, depending on the occasion. The length should be kept shorter than the chin and you can choose to add texture and dimension with layers and bangs.

3. Curly Updo

Portrait of a woman in her twenties with curly updo hairstyle, consisting of two side buns and loose curls pinned up in the center

For a more formal occasion, a curly updo can be a great way to show off your thin hair and oval face. This style can bring out the best of your natural curls and provide a more dramatic look. To achieve the perfect look, use shaping scissors to create layers, and make sure to use plenty of hairspray to hold everything in place.

4. Braids

Portrait of a woman in her twenties wearing side fishtail braid hairstyle

Braid hairstyles are a great way to add a unique twist to your thin hair and oval face. From fishtail braids to three strand braids there are endless styles you can create. If you have shorter hair, accessorize with braided headbands and other accessories to give your look an extra edge.

5. Braided Crown

Portrait of a woman in her twenties with a braided crown hairstyle

A braided crown is a great way to draw attention to your oval face. This look is perfect for special occasions, such as weddings and proms. Try creating a sleek middle parting and adding a braid around the crown of your head for an elegant look. This style can be securely held throughout the night with the help of some hairspray.

6. Side French Braid

Portrait of a woman in her twenties with a side french braid hairstyle

A side French braid is another great hairstyle for women with oval faces and thin hair. This style is easy to create and can last all day long. To create the look, simply part your hair to one side and braid one section, securing it with
8 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair and Oval Face. How to Choose