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Having a rectangular face shape can be tricky when it comes to finding the perfect hairstyle. The aim is to make your face appear more balanced, and create a softness that draws attention away from your long face shape. Whether you’re looking for a classic bob to frame your face, or something a bit more edgy like a pixie cut, here are 2021’s best haircuts for rectangular faces!

The Best Bob Cut for Rectangular Face

A woman with long bob haircut

A classic bob cut is an excellent style for a rectangular face. Opt for a bob cut that grazes your jawline and falls around your chin to create the illusion of a softer and more balanced face shape. This style frames your face, adding body and volume to the sides of your face and creating a style that is both flattering and timeless.

Pixie Cut For a Statement Style

A woman with long pixie haircut

For those who are a little bit bolder, you may want to go for a modern pixie cut. The aim here is to give more weight to the sides of your face and draw attention away from, and add femininity to your long face. Choose a pixie cut with plenty of layers and side swept bangs to flatteringly frame your face, bringing a style that is both edgy and timeless.

Shoulder Length for a Natural Look

A woman with long shoulder length haircut

If you want to keep your locks a bit longer and have them look balanced with your rectangular face, then a shoulder-length cut is ideal. This style keeps your hair around your collarbone, with layers that create texture as well as a bounce that further softens your features and creates a natural and flattering look.

Curls and Waves For a Volume Boost

A woman with long curls

For those with naturally curly tresses, you can use your curls to add much-needed volume to your rectangular face. Let your curls cascade down your shoulder for a glamorous style that draws attention away from your face shape and brings out your natural beauty.

Side Sweep For Feminine Appeal

A woman with long side sweep hairstyle

Another great way to soften your angular features is by adding a side sweep. Choose a side sweep style with soft layers and face framing fringe that helps keep your bangs off your forehead. This is a timeless style that will help accentuate your features and add a touch of femininity to your rectangular face.

Layers for Flowing Locks

A woman with long layered haircut

Layers instantly create a softer, more balanced look for a rectangular face shape. Whether you prefer a straight style or wavy, layers are an easy
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