Hairstyle For Short Hair Youtube

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When it comes to hairstyles, short hair can appear to be a bit more limiting than long hairstyles. However, that simply is not the case! There are plenty of options when it comes to short hairstyles and we have gathered 20 of the most fabulous that are sure to turn heads.

Modern Pixie

A modern pixie is sleek and edgy. The hair is combed close to the head and the length is slightly longer in the front than it is in the back. The style is perfect for someone who likes to wear the hair away from the face but still looks funky and stylish.

A modern pixie cut with sleek layers and highlight

Faded Bob

The faded bob is a style that works great for thick and thin hair alike. The sides and back are cut short, almost like a buzz cut, and the hair gradually gets longer towards the face. The length of the bob can vary and you can add highlights to the sides to give it an edgier feel.

A bob cut with faded sides and longer layers near the face

Layered Bob

For those who want more texture and volume, the layered bob is a great choice. The back of the hair is cut shorter than the front and each of the layers is texturized for more body. Piece-y bangs add an extra touch of drama and draw attention to the eyes.

A layered bob cut with piece-y bangs

Textured Pixie

The textured pixie is another edgy style that looks great on most face shapes. The back of the hair is cut shorter than the front and each of the layers is texturized to give it body and movement. Soft bangs frame the face nicely and add the perfect touch of feminine flair.

A textured pixie with bangs and short layers

Shaggy Bob

The shaggy bob is an ideal style for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. The hair is cut in an asymmetrical style with the back being slightly longer than the front. Loose layers add the perfect amount of texture and volume, and make this style a great option for those looking for something edgy and low-maintenance.

A shaggy bob cut with asymmetrical layers

Chopped Bob

The chopped bob is a fun and funky style that is perfect for those with thick hair. The hair is chopped into layers of various lengths and the front of the hair is kept slightly longer than the back. Soft bangs complete this fun, chic look.

A chopped bob cut with layers of varying lengths and soft bangs

Faux Buzz Cut

The faux buzz cut is a great style for those who want to go short without going too short. The sides and back of the hair is cut close to the head but not completely buzzed. The top of the hair is kept slightly longer and can be styled with a bit of product to create a faux-mohawk look.

A faux-buzz cut with a faux-mohawk