Hairstyle For Thin Hair And Round Face

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When it comes to styling thin hair, simple can be the way to go. Keeping it short will help reduce the severity of the appearance of thin hair, provide the illusion of fullness, and create a polished look. However, it’s always nice to have options, whether you aim to keep it short or go a bit longer. Here are some fashionable hairstyles for thin hair to help you decide which one suits your look best.

Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Short hairstyles make thin hair look thicker, and with the right cut, you can look absolutely ravishing. This particular cut involves an all-over soft egg shape with a shorter back and a dotted fringe to enhance the roundness. To keep hair looking neat and tidy, use edge control and an all-over pomade.

short hair for thin hair style

Feathered Short Hairstyle

This style is great for those with thin hair who want the look of fullness and volume. This short hairstyle gives an illusion of curves, thanks to the feathered layering and playful side-swept bangs. To re-create this look, use mousse and a round brush to tease sections of hair up to the hairline. You can also use plenty of hairspray to help the style last.

feathered short hair for thin hair style

Long to Short Bob Style

If you have thin hair and a long bob, you can always add layers for a more glamorous look. By cutting some of your length, you will give it a more fun and chic shape plus, it will enhance your look even more. To work this effortless style, use a round brush while blow drying and finish with a loose curl.

long-to-short bob hair for thin hair style

Long Bob with Fringe

It’s always a good idea to add a bit of color and depth to a hairstyle, especially when you have thin hair. When it comes to this style, you’ve got to invest in good products and eye-catching colors. Go for lighter highlights in the mid section and just up to the crown for a more natural look. The fringe should be slightly wispy, delicate and complimentary with the overall style.

long bob with fringe hair for thin hair style

Layered Bob

A layered bob is a great hairstyle for people with thin hair, and this style has remained popular for many years now, as it looks good at any age. This style is great for making hair look thicker, as it creates movement and definition. To keep your locks in shape, use the right type of heat products, and you can use oil to help provide a glossy finish.

layered bob hair for thin hair style

Long Layers

If you prefer to keep your long hair
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