Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Hair

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When it comes to cutting your hair, medium length haircuts provide an amazing opportunity to get creative with the look that you choose. Whether you’re considering long layers, a bob, layers with bangs, or even a shaggy style, there are plenty of trends to choose from that make medium length haircuts look so stunning. With so many different types of haircuts to choose from, it might be hard to decide on a particular style at first. However, looking at the history of medium length haircuts can give you some great ideas to find the perfect one for you.

Medium Length Haircuts

A photo of shoulder-length hair with gentle waves and golden-brown highlights

Medium length haircuts can range anywhere between the chin and the shoulder, and offer a vast range of styling choices. Wearing your hair layered or in a bob are the most popular medium length styles. Layers can be cut at different lengths to create shape and movement to the hair, while long layers in the front will create framing around the face to give the illusion of a longer face. If you prefer a bob, you still have options with getting creative with layering, wispy bangs, and how you part and style it. Adding color to your medium length hair can also create some fun effects for any occasion.

Hair Color Ideas

A photo of shoulder-length hair with gentle waves and golden-brown highlights

Adding color to your medium length hair makes for a great way to get some fun into your style. You can go subtle by adding lowlights or go bold with ombre color. For a more classic look, you can switch up with highlights or balayage. Subtle balayage adds versatility to your look, while drastic ombre adds a beautiful transition to the hair. Balayage adds more color dimension that looks natural and is low maintenance. Highlights can be a great option, especially if you like to switch up your hair color often. When using highlights, you can either opt for natural colors or choose a bright hue for a bolder look.

No matter what style of medium length haircut and color you choose, the great thing about these styles is the versatility that they offer. From wispy bangs to creative layers and subtle highlights, medium length haircuts can bring out your personality and provide a range of styling possibilities that’ll keep your look fresh. With some experimentation and exploration, you are sure to find a look that is absolutely stunning and suits your needs!

Medium Length Haircuts and Hair Color Ideas - Medium Hair