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Having thin hair can present a challenge when it comes to creating styles with volume, as thin hair can often appear flat and lifeless. However, with the right cut and styling techniques, men with thin hair can look fashionable and stylish. In this post, we explore a range of looks to flatter thin hair.

Short and on-trend

A man with black hair styled into a side swept look

Start with a super-short crop that still allows styling at the front. Faded out sides with a soft fringe across the front can give a statement look with minimal effort. This cut provides a natural hairstyle that needs minimal maintenance. Don’t be fooled into thinking this style doesn’t need any product – a light wax or pomade will keep the strands in place.

A little bit longer

A haircut with a thin fringe and medium length sides

Growing out thin hair can still be a challenge. Again, by using a razor or scissors to create some softness on the sides, you can add visual interest and movement. This cut also works really well with a slight wave, adding yet another level of style and texture. As your hair grows, opt for a slightly longer version of the cut to keep your thin hair looking refreshed.

Unruly types

A man with curly thin hair

If you have curly thin hair, you can use the same techniques as above, but slightly adapted to work with your hair type. Securing a wax or a glossy product through the hair can add vertical height and helps to create a fuller look. If you’re feeling daring and want an edgy look, a disconnected part or undercut can also provide an interesting cut.

Add height with a quiff

A man with thin hair, combed over in a quiff style

Build up height and get a bit of texture going on with a classic quiff that can also be played with and adjusted throughout the day. For a thicker-looking quiff, backcomb the section first and then comb it over while holding it in place with a wax or pomade.

Bed-head-inspired cuts

A man with a messy, messy hair

So many people struggle with thin hair because they can’t get their locks to stay in place. A messy style can be the way forward, as it can be easily ‘fixed’. This cut will require some heavy layering to remove some of the weight and give you an effortless-looking style. Keep the top a little bit longer, as it will help to hold the shape.


We’ve explored a range of styling techniques and looks above and there are countless more. With some creative thought and styling techniques, men with thin hair can create looks with the same level of style and detail as those with thicker hair. Check out your local barber for advice about the best cut for your hair type.

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