20+ Cool Halloween Nail Designs

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Let’s not be boo! and get ready this Halloween with some fantastic nail art. Nowadays nail art is not limited to just crazy colors, it’s time to be creative and have some fun. Here is list of 20 cool Halloween nail designs that will make you stand out in any Halloween party and give you ideas for the perfect mani.

Halloween Water Marble Nail Art

This is one of the perfect nail art ideas for Halloween. The color combination of dark orange and black dots gives it a spooky feeling and it really cools for any festive occasions.

Halloween water marble nail art example

Watercolor Pumpkin Nail Art

Bright orange-red shades will make definitely make you stand out in any costume party. The painting of the black stems on top of the painted on pumpkin turn it into an artwork of you nail art.

Watercolor pumpkin nail art example

Haunted Mansion Nail Art

This one’s for those of you a bit more daring. This dark purple gloomy style with the castle-like house situated on your nail looks really cool for Halloween.

Haunted mansion nail art example

Mummy Nail Art

This one is genius really. It’s too simple to recreate and is great for any costume party on a lazy day. All you have to do is draw lines down your nail and paint the colors with a white pen.

Mummy nail art example

Jack O’ Lantern Nail Art

This is one of the traditional themed nail art that still looks great even today. Comes with a bright orange and black color combination that complements each other perfectly this is a must-try Halloween nail art for sure.

Jack O’ lantern nail art example

Tombstone Nail Art

This tombstone design is perfect for Halloween when you want a dark outlook but still with a touch of elegance. It consists of making regular French-tip with a dark clay onto create tombstones scattered with stars.

Tombstone nail art example

Vampire Bite Nail Art

This Vampire-Bite look is simply genius and it is a great nail art when you are rushed on time or just feel like having fun with some simple designs.

Vampire bite nail art example

Sugar Skulls Nail Art

This is one of the more complicated nail art designs, however, quite easy to make with a bit of patience and practice. The white and black color combination is simply astounding and it is one of the sexy designs you could create.

Sugar skulls nail art example

Bat Nail Art

This bat nail
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