Thatleanne: Hello Kitty Nail Art With Essie Wedding 2011 Swatches!

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Hello Kitty is the epitome of cuteness! Anytime we can feature her as a part of our beauty/fashion routine, it’s definitely a plus. Recently, I came across a really cool idea of using the Essie Wedding 2011 Collection to create a really unique Hello Kitty nail art. This article will take you through how to get the look and which colors you should use.


The colors you need for the Hello Kitty nail art include:

  • Essie Pink Glove Service
  • Essie Merino Cool
  • Essie Just Stitched
  • Essie Fishnet Stockings
  • Essie Coat Couture

How to get the look

The first step is to paint the nails using two coats of Essie Pink Glove Service. Then take a thin brush and Essie Merino Cool and carefully draw the outline of the bow onto the middle finger nails. Two coats should be applied to each nail.

Hello Kitty Nail Art Design

Then take a thin brush and Essie Just Stitched and paint the rest of the nails. The color should be applied in thin strokes and two coats should be applied. When you are done apply a top coat to protect the design.

The next step is to take Essie Fishnet Stockings and draw out the outline of the face. Apply two coats on the thumb and pinky and when the outline has had a chance to dry then you can paint the box over the face and the whisker.

Next take Essie Coat Couture and with a thin brush paint the eyes and mouth. The eyes should be painted with two coats to make sure the color is even.

Finally, once the design has had a chance to dry, you can then apply a top coat. This will seal your beautiful Hello Kitty design, creating a perfect finish.

There you have it – the perfect way to add some cute Kitty style to your fingertips! With this sweet design you’ll be sure to standout and get noticed for your awesome creativity.

thatleanne: Hello Kitty Nail Art with Essie Wedding 2011 swatches!