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For those looking for something special for their nails and maybe a touch of the exotic, henna nails are a great option. Henna is a paste derived from the leaves of the henna plant and is associated with lots of cultural practices from India and the Middle East. On nails, it can be used as a type of art, giving the nails a genuine, eye catching look.

A Subtle Yet Elegant Design

Henna nails design

The truth is that henna nails don’t have to be too ostentatious to be effective. A simple yet intricate design can be created on nails with just one color of henna extract and will look beautiful for up to two weeks. Henna art is often used to add an intricate design on the nails, like lace or flowers, or as swooshes of color interspersed with plain unmarked nails. It’s also good for adding length to nails without the use of fake nails, as the henna paste serves as a brace that keeps the nails from breaking apart.

A Great DIY Option

Put henna paste on nails

Henna nails are also a great DIY option as you can purchase henna extract online or in beauty stores quite easily. It’s fun to experiment with the henna paste which comes in both liquid and a more solid, paste form and try out different designs and colors. If you’re looking for ideas for henna nail art, you can search for inspiration online and even find tutorials for calligraphy art or recreating designs using a henna stencil. It’s a great way to not only save money but to also be creative and discover a little bit of how cultures in India and the Middle East use henna in many of their traditions and ceremonies.

A Long Lasting Manicure

Henna art on nails

Henna nail art can last for up to two weeks, and depending on the kind of henna paste you’ve bought, it may last for even longer. This length of time means that on the weekend you can apply henna to your nails and then wear it without having to worry about touch ups for the whole week. Henna for nails keeps the nails strong and prevents them from splitting and breaking apart, as well as moisturizing them, leaving them looking beautiful and healthy. Henna nails also look fantastic with a glossy top coat, giving the nails that shine that all girls are after.

With all its applications and the ability to create intricate and wonderful designs, henna nails are the perfect way to step up your nail art game. It’s an elegant and delicate way of decorating your nails and it’s also a great DIY option with the henna paste being easy to purchase and apply. Who knows? You may even find yourself inspired by henna’s cultural heritage, creating your own little pieces of art on your nails every week.

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