10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

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Are you looking for some epic Christmas nail art to spice up your holiday look? Unleash your inner diva and make your nails as unique as you are! Whether you’re looking for a festive manicure or subtle holiday touches, these 10 Christmas nail art designs will help you get into the holiday spirit!

1. Snowmen Nails

A white background base with three cartoon snowman faces on thumbs and other fingers painted with tree, present, star, and saltire designs.

Why not greet your guests with a snowball of cuteness? Adorable snowman faces will make sure to brighten up even the gloomy winter days. Include some trendy snowflakes, trees, and stars for a complete festive manicure!

2. Holly Jolly Manicure

A white base with red and green holly leaf design element pointing upwards on each fingernail tipped with gold, silver, and white glitter.

Dress up your nails with this cheerful holly jolly look. The mix of the traditional red and green is the staple of the holidays and the touch of glitter will make the look even more special. The more, the merrier!

3. Golden Snowflakes

A golden snowflake, a white background and some small silver snowflakes on each fingernail

For the bolder ladies, this statement-making manicure should do the trick. Rock the night away with a golden snowflake finish. The minimalistic design is perfect for a more subtleChristmas-y effect.

4. Christmas Tree Mani

A dark green and red background with white trees dotted on the thumb and other fingers and silver stars on certain nails.

Who said that you can’t have a festive decoration day and manicure day from the same day? Featuring different colors and shapes, this minimal and one-color-per-nail manicure will get you in the holiday spirit with ease. Make sure to include color-matched ornaments to give it a festive touch!

5. Sparkle Christmas

A neutral-white base with silver, light blue, and gold snowflakes with silver glitter tipped on them.

Going to a winter ball this season? This glamorous and sparklySnowflakes nails will make sure to sparkle brighter than the snow outside. Get your girls in on this too and sparkle with your girl gang!

6. Santa Nails

A white base with a cartoon Santa figure on thumb and other fingers featuring small details such as white fur, brown books and black shiny belt.

It’s time to get jolly with a set of Santa-inspired nails! Add a little bit of your own style with different colors and a bit of glitter. Whether you choose a subtle or a more vibrant look, it will definitely make sure your look is merry and bright!

7. Ombre Christmas Tree

Green ombre base with a Christmas tree detailed with white stars, presents and
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