How to clean and preserve ultrafiltration membrane

During the long-term use of ultrafiltration membrane, the quality of raw water pretreatment depends on the pollution rate of ultrafiltration membrane,

Because too many impurities in water will gradually affect the separation performance of membrane, ultrafiltration membrane cleaning and regeneration technology should be established in general ultrafiltration system.

Cleaning ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration membrane can be divided into two categories: physical method and chemical method. The purified compressed air and water flow can enter the ultrafiltration membrane together, and the relatively solid water can be removed

Impurities, the removal effect of viscous and heat-soluble impurities is obvious. Pure water has strong solubility. Pure water circulation washing effect is better. Including negative pressure reverse flushing

Washing method is a washing method from the negative side to the positive side of the membrane, which is more suitable for capillary ultrafiltration membranes with dense layers inside and outside.

The ultrafiltration membrane is generally immersed in the protective solution for sealing and preservation before use, so as to prevent the shrinkage of the wet membrane after dehydration, the membrane pore becomes smaller and the membrane structure is broken

Bad, water flux decreases. So please do not let it out of the protective solution before use.

Preservation ultrafiltration membrane

1. Wet preservation method of ultrafiltration membrane: when the temperature of preservation solution is at the specified degree, the function of sodium bisulfite is to prevent microorganisms from being eroded on the membrane surface.

The purpose of glycerol is to reduce the preservation solution to the freezing point. Prevent damage to the ultrafiltration membrane due to icing. The wet film will shrink and deform due to dehydration

The membrane pore is greatly reduced, or the membrane structure is damaged, the texture of the membrane becomes brittle, and even the filtration function of the membrane is completely ineffective.

2. Preservation method of dry ultrafiltration membrane: when the ultrafiltration membrane is naturally dehydrated and dried, it will lead to the collapse of membrane pores, which will seriously affect the permeability and mechanical strength of the membrane

Therefore, the membrane needs to be treated in a dry state.


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