How To Cut A Short Hairstyle

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Short hair often gets a bad rap. As stylish as long locks may be, there’s something inherently fashionable and fun about short hair. It doesn’t matter if you have a pixie cut, a bob or a lob, you can still rock out with a wide range of different hairstyles. From soft and feminine twists to fun and funky ‘dos, there are plenty of options to choose from. Check out these 20 hairstyles for short hair and look fabulous in no time!

The Messy Bun

Woman with messy bun hairstyle

The messy bun is an easy, breezy hairstyle that looks great on any occasion. All you need to do is tie your locks into a half-up, half-down style and curl the ends for a fun, flirty look. If you want to add some bounce, use a curling iron for a more dramatic look.

The Faux Bob

Woman with faux bob hairstyle

If you’re looking to change up your style, but don’t want to chop off your locks, the faux bob is an easy way to give yourself a new look without sacrificing length. Pull your hair up in a ponytail and twist the tail. Secure it with a few bobby pins, adding more for extra hold. Spray with a light hold hairspray for added security and let your faux bob fall into place.

Half-Up, Half-Down Updo

Woman with half-up, half-down updo hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for busy mornings when you want to look put-together in a flash. Create two equal-sized sections by pulling the top of your hair up into a half-up, half-down look. Secure it with a elastic and then pull the loops at the end of the bun for added volume and texture. Finish it off with a light spritz of hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

The Fauxhawk

Woman with fauxhawk hairstyle

Do you want to rock out with a fauxhawk hairstyle? No problem! This style is incredibly easy to create and shows off the undeniable style of short hair. Start with a mohawk section, then smooth out the edges to create the fauxhawk look. When you’re ready, throw on a punk rocker tank and get ready to rock.

Twisted Headband Hairstyle

Woman with twisted headband hairstyle

This style is perfect for weekend errands or brunch with the girls. Start by taking a section of the front of your hair and wrapping it around the back of your head like a headband. Secure it with a few bobby pins and then twist the ends of your hair to create a low bun. Instead of using a headband, jazz up your bun with a cute scarf.

Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

Woman with sleek ponytail hairstyle

This sleek ponytail is perfect for any occasion. Start by getting your hair nice and smooth with a shine serum or gel, then secure it at the nape of the neck with a elastic band. Pull the ends of your hair through the elastic to give it a polished finish, then spray with some hairspray to make sure it stays in place.

Head Wrap Hairstyle
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