How A Beauty Editor Uses 3 Household Objects To Create Endless Nail-art

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Most beauty trends come and go quickly, but impressive nail art is always in vogue. When done right, nails that are adorned with bright colors and intricate details can be a show-stopping statement. With the right mix of materials, it easy to come up with great designs.

Create with Household Objects

Nail art doesn’t have to require a lot of materials. Everyday household objects can be used to create intricate patterns and designs for standout nails. A few common items can be used to dream up amazing designs.

To achieve impressive nail art look, all you need is a fine-tipped paintbrush, a toothpick, and a bobby pin. Before you get started creating your nail art, you have to have a clean canvas. Start off with a clean base that is completely dry, then apply two layers of your chosen nail polish color. Let the nails dry completely before you start painting to create a better final result.

nail art with multiple patterns and using bobby pins

Give it a Try!

Using the basic combination of materials first requires practice. Before you begin creating a design on your nails, you should practice getting the feel for the materials on a separate surface. Once you’re comfortable with the feel of the tools, it’s time to start creating nail art.

Using the brush and toothpick, you can create beautiful lines and floral designs. Flourishes and details can be made by creating small dots or lines. If you use a small, bobby pin with flat edges, you can achieve thicker lines that evoke a different texture. Without the need for special supplies, you can make simple, quirky nail art with just a few tools.

Quick, unexpected and stylish, you can use these three everyday objects to come up with endless nail-art choices. Challenge your creativity and come up with your own unique designs!

How a Beauty Editor Uses 3 Household Objects to Create Endless Nail-Art