Indian Hairstyle For Curly Hair

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Having beautiful long hair can be a bit of a challenge to manage if you have a tight styling schedule. As women, we want to look our best, while keeping our hair soft and healthy at the same time. If you are blessed with curly hair, you are in a great position to try out some beautiful Indian hairstyles that can keep you looking gorgeous.

Updo with side curls

Side curls updo

Make a perfect updo with just a few curls of your hair at the side. Make sure the curls are small and well pinned. Leave the rest of the hair loose and allow it to take the shape of your head. This messy style looks amazing and it can be used for any event from a date night to a family reunion.

A beautiful French Braid

French Braid

If you have long, curly hair, you need to try a beautiful French braid. This hairstyle will keep all your tresses in place and it is sure to look great for a whole day. All you need to do is make finely woven French braids across the whole length of your hair and pull them up at the top. Secure them with pins and you will be ready to step out in style.

Middle parting bun

Middle Parition Bun

Make everyone go wow with the middle-parting bun. All you need to do for this hairstyle is to brush your hair and make a middle part. Then roll your tresses tightly and make a coil-bun at the top of your head and secure it with pins. The bun will look super stylish, and you will also have the freedom to experiment with different hairdos.

Side-braid ponytail

Side-braid Ponytail

Create a unique hairstyle with a side-braid ponytail. You need to start by brushing your hair and making a side parting. Start braiding at one end and continue to the other end. Secure the braid with a rubber band or clips. Then take the rest of the hair and put it in a neat low ponytail. This hairstyle is sure to give you an instant celebrity look.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Make the much-talked-about fishtail braid with your hair and it’s sure to give you an adorable look. All you need to start is to take a part of the hair and divide it into two sections. You alternate taking a thin strand of hair from the outside of one of the sections and start crossing them over to the other. This delicate fishtail braid looks amazing and can help you nail the perfect hairdo.

These are some simple yet stylish Indian hairstyles for women with curly hair. With these styles, you’ll be sure to feel great and look beautiful. So go ahead, choose your favorite style and rock it anytime, anywhere!

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