Indian Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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When it comes to medium-length hair, there are many options out there for styling. Indian hairstyles are an excellent option for medium length hair. Many of these hairstyles look elegant and feminine, adding a sense of elegance to any casual or formal outfit.

Open Wave Hairdo

This hairstyle looks especially great when the hair is allowed to air dry partially and ruffled through with fingers. This gives the hairstyle a softer and more natural look, with a few locks of hair falling down in the front. It keeps the hair neat, while still creating its own style statement.

indian wave hair

Slicked Back Hairdo

This look is great for updos or for when hair needs to be kept off the face. This is a look that requires the use of styling products to keep the look slick and neat. Hair is brushed back, away from the face, and styled with hairspray to provide a consistent and polished look.

slicked back indian hair

Side Sweep Hairstyle

A side sweep hairstyle looks gorgeous on anyone with medium-length hair. It’s a look that works well with thin or thick hair. This style is created with a center part in the hair, which then falls off to one side. A few curls are left out to add texture to the look.

side sweep indian hair

Loose Curls Hairdo

This is another way to keep the hair off the face and look super stylish. Loose curls are great for medium-length hair, as they give the hair a nice texture and volume. It’s a great look for an evening out, or for any other special occasion.

loose curls indian hair

Mohawk Braid

This style is especially striking with medium-length hair. The style begins with a center parting of the hair. The sides of the head are then braided, while the middle of the hair is left loose. This style looks great with highlights and lowlights.

mohawk braid indian hair

Half Up Half Down

This style is excellent for giving an everyday look a lift without going over the top. Hair is sectioned off into two and the top is pulled up and secured with a clip or band. It adds a nice bounce to medium-length hair, and looks especially attractive with loose curls.

half up half down indian hair

Fishtail Twist

This style is more intricate than the other styles. The side sections of the hair are twist up and over the crown of the head. The two sections are then intertwined with each other, creating a fishtail effect. This is a great way to keep the hair out of the face, while showcasing the length of medium-length hair.

fishtail twist indian hair

These are a few of the many beautiful and stylish Indian hairstyles for
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