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If you are looking for something unique, try out kawaii Japanese hairstyles! Kawaii is a Japanese word used to describe something that has a cute, lovable and sometimes eccentric appearance. It can be seen in many aspects of Japanese culture, including hairstyles! While you may be hesitant to try this look out, rest assured that it is a welcome addition to any hair-do and can easily be adapted to fit any personality.

Messy Bangs

woman with her hair parted to one side, showcasing choppy, uneven bangs

If you are looking for a low commitment hairstyle, try layering your hair into your bangs. Part your hair to the side, and let your bangs hang naturally. Keep them as is, or use your hands and a tiny bit of product to add texture. This casual style is perfect for hot days, or days when you don’t have much time to fuss with your hair.

A Touch of Color

woman with her hair pulled into a half up half down hair style, showcasing a mix of light and dark ash brown hair

Experimenting with highlights is always a great idea when you are feeling a bit more daring. Try a partial dye job on your bangs, only touching the front and the sides. Keep the color natural, or try something more vibrant. This is perfect for anyone busy who wants to have a bit of fun on the fly.


woman with her hair in long, thin braids

Braids are a classic hairstyle and offer a bit of complexity with ease. Start off simply, with two or three long braids, or choose to braid the majority of your hair and let the rest hang naturally. For something a little more unusual, two French braids or a single four or five stranded braid can help add texture and variety to your look.

Ready To Try It Out?

Kawaii Japanese hairstyles offer you a unique look that is easy to pull off, no matter your skill level. Whether you are feeling adventurous with highlights, or just want an easy style for a hot day, give this look a try! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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