Japanese Long Hairstyle

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Japanese hairstyles for long hair are quite different from hairstyles for shorter hair. They involve much more intricate braids and decorations, making them a bit more challenging to replicate. But that doesn’t stop anyone from wanting to try them out! Whatever the reason might be, if you’re searching for Japanese hairstyles for long hair – you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best Japanese hairstyles for long hair that you can take inspiration from.

Hikobae Hairstyle

Long braided Japanese hairstyle with a ribbon

The Hikobae, also known as the “tori bun,” is a unique and beautiful hairstyle associated with beautiful Japanese maidens. It’s characterized by a big ball-shaped bun covered with a ribbon or decoration. In order to get this shape, first, you have to make all of your hair into a big bun, and then you can tie it with a ribbon to keep it together. You can also use a decorative pin of your choice.

Kawari Kabuto Hairstyle

A black and red braided Japanese hairstyle with a bun with a decorative ornament

The Kawari Kabuto hairstyle is similar to the Hikobae, but in this case, the bun can be decorated with more than one type of ornament. This hairstyle consists of making a large bun and adding different decorations on it, as well as separating the sections of the bun with small braids. This style looks especially good when the hair is long, but it can also be replicated with shorter hair.

Odango Hairstyle

A doubled sided side ponytail in a Japanese hairstyle with a bow at on one side to keep it together

The Odango is a classic Japanese hairstyle, and although it looks complicated, it’s actually quite easy to do. This hairstyle is made with two side ponytails twisted around each other, tied together with a bow. To get this look, you’ll need smoothing cream and long hair. You can also add a few decorative pins if you want. This hairstyle looks especially beautiful with straight hair but can also be done with curly hair.

Kurisu Hairstyle

A black and pink colored Japanese hairstyle with a single top braid and a half-bun on one side

The Kurisu is a fun and whimsical hairstyle. It involves making a top part of your hair into a single braid that is then combined with the rest of the hair in a half-bun on the side. The result is a look reminiscent of a flower. To make this hairstyle, you’ll need a lot of hair elastics, a few pins, and hairspray.

Kabedon Hairstyle

A brown and red colored Japanese hairstyle with a twisted and braided bun

The Kabedon is a more complex hairstyle than the others, but it’s worth a try. It starts with making a twist out of the top part of your hair, and then the bottom part of the hair is braided and put up in a bun. This hairstyle looks especially
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