Japanese Medium Length Hairstyle

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A classic Japanese medium hairstyle frames the face with lush locks fit for a royal court. Whether you’re seeking a timeless look for everyday or a momentous affair, a style like this provides a beautiful frame for all occasions. Check out these inspiring ideas for your next trip to the salon!

Wet and Wavy

Japanese writing tattoos on arm and shoulder

This sleek look gives the appearance of liquid waves that shine bright no matter how you move. The way the sides are brushed back slightly adds more power to the beautiful style and makes this look a wonderful choice for those seeking a fashionable but powerful statement.

Radiant Curls

Lady with messy curled mid-length hair

This electrifying hairstyle creates a magnificent dream for every surfer girl. With a few fingers, twirl some of your locks at the top, teasing them out a bit with a brush, and you’ll find yourself with a style that simply must be admired. The messy but gorgeous curls look fantastic when worn out and left loose.

Fantastic Fringe

Side-swept bangs and long layers

Fringe is making a huge come-back, and this style proves why. Long layers with side-swept bangs gives off a demure, feminine vibe to the hairstyle without making it over-the-top girly. The layers fall gently down either side of the face, gently framing it while still keeping the look subtle enough for everyday.

A Touch of Texture

Lady with shoulder-length Japanese hairstyle

For those who want to take the traditional Japanese medium hairstyle and add a twist, why not add a bit of texture? By lightening the hair slightly and gently brushing it out, you can make this look playful yet classic in its own unique way. Show it off with a middle part or let a few loose strands fall over your forehead for a truly breathtaking style.

A Timeless Look

Lady with simple classic mid-length hairstyle

Sleek and timelessly elegant, this traditional medium-length style is perfect for those wanting an unchanging look for any occasion. The sides are pulled back to keep the focus on the middle portion of the hair and the length falls in perfect waves along the neck and down the back. It’s a classic that will never go out of style!

Luxurious Volume

Highlighted Japanese hairstyle with lots of volume

Big, beautiful locks are something many of us dream of, and this sashaying style brings us one step closer. The bangs provide a clever frame for the face, and the soft waves and volume create a luxurious feel throughout. Perfect for a special event or for adding some glamour to your everyday, this style is sure to make heads turn!

Geometric Chic

Lady with geometric styled Japanese hair

For those looking for an edgy, fashion-forward option, this geometric Japanese style is certainly
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