Justin Bieber Long Hairstyle

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At just 23 years of age, Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber, has had a significant influence on the music and fashion industry, and especially his signature hairstyle. Over the years, he has been experimenting with various hair lengths, colors and styles, making him even more popular with his young fans.

The Original Bieber Haircut

Justin Bieber with a long fringe

In the early days of his career, Bieber was often seen with a longer, shaggy hairstyle that had some fringe at the front. His bangs usually covered his eyebrows and were paired with the sides of his hair being cut short and left at chin-length. This timeless style has been popular amongst young men looking to emulate Bieber.

The Shake Up

Justin Bieber with a hair flick

As Bieber’s career and fame grew, so too did his confidence. He began to experiment more with his hair, opting to have a more ‘shaggy’ finish that was characterized with a deep side parting and a ‘swoosh’ of hair that was longer on the side closest to his face. This was accompanied by some wax-styling and the occasional ‘faux-hawk’.

The Modern Bieber

Justin Bieber with shorter hair and a sharp side parting

In recent times, Bieber has opted for shorter hair and a sharp side parting that gives him a sleek, chic look. He has also been seen sporting a ‘Saturday Night Live’-esque slicked back hairstyle with wet-look detailing on the hair at his temples. In addition to these, Bieber has recently shown off a bowl-cut style that has been a hit amongst his fans. Ultimately, it goes to show just how versatile the young star truly is when it comes to his hair.

Justin Bieber’s hair has been constantly evolving over the years, leading to numerous hairstyle trends amongst youth all over the world. From the iconic early fringe to the modern slick back, it’s no wonder why so many young fans look up to Bieber for hair inspiration.

The Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles