27 Kawaii Nail Art Designs

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Rainbows, polka dots, and hearts- what do they have in common? All three can be found in the most adorable manicure looks around! Kawaii nail art is perfect for anyone who loves to add fun and flirty designs to their fingertips. Want to get in on the trend yourself? You’ll find lots of inspiration right here!

1. Splattered Colorful Hearts

Sporting bold color and whimsical heart shapes, this design is sure to bring out your inner child. Keep it minimal with just two colors for a chic look, or go all out and add a few more for an extra burst of energy. Whether you choose one nail or polish all ten, this design is sure to give you a look that you’ll love!

Girl with splattered colorful heart nail design on both hands

2. Light Pastel Accents

Ever seen an iceberg? Well, you don’t need to venture all the way to the Arctic Tundra to get this cool look. Create your own icy wonderland with a light blue background, then add on little silver flakes and white dots for a bit of texture. That piece of nail art is definitely ready for its close-up!

Girl with light pastel nail design on both hands

3. Warm Toned Stars

Bring a little bit of galactic glam to your nails with a star- studded look. You can use a light pink as your base color and add on stars of different sizes in white, brown, and orange. The best part? You can also dress up your nails with gold and glittery accents for a glamorous touch.

Girl with warm toned stars design on both hands

4. Bold Rainbow Stripes

Who says neutrals are the only colors you can use for a sophisticated nail look? This vibrant design combines the colors of the rainbow in stunning curved stripes. Stick to just seven colors or add a few extras if you’re feeling extra daring. No matter which style you choose, you’re sure to have all eyes on your nails with this fun and flirty look.

Girl with bold rainbow stripes on both hands

5.Sweet Tipped Tips

There’s nothing wrong with making your nails look like a delicious treat. This look combines a few shades of pink and white, then adds on carefully-placed dots and hearts. You can even draw stars and hearts on the sides of your nails to elevate your design and add extra flair. Talk about a sweet surprise!

Girl with sweet tipped tips on both hands

6. Sprinkled Donut Nails

It’s all in the details! This design gives you the opportunity to transport your fingertips to an even sweeter place. The light-filled background is only made more vibrant with gorgeous hearts and sprinkles. For an extra special touch, use different colors of glitter to get the most eye-catching look.

27 Kawaii Nail Art Designs