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Kids can have fun experimenting with their own style as they express creativity through finger nail art designs. Whether it’s shiny, glittery sparkles, polka dots, stripes or even cartoon characters; kids’ nail art designs can go wild. From simple and basic to complicated and creative – the options are endless. It’s no surprise it’s a favorite activity among little ones.

1. Glittery Sparkle Nail Design

Child's hand wearing pink fingernail polish covered in glittery sparkles

This design radiates fun and girly vibes, perfect for any fashion-savvy kid. To start, paint your nails a light pink color as its base. Next, apply a thick layer of light pink or purple glittery polish – top it off with a clear coat and you’re done!

2. Neon Stripes & Dots Design

Child's hand wearing pink, yellow, and green dotted nails with yellow and pink stripes

With bright dots and stripes, this manicure is just what your kid needs for summertime. Start by applying a base coat of the lightest color you’d like to use, such as a baby pink. After the base coat is dry, use nail striping tape, or a thin brush and paint, to apply the bright and bold stripes onto the nails – and don’t forget the bright dots! Seal the design with a clear top coat.

3. Fruity Nail Art

Child's hand wearing light pink fingernail polish with painted cherry, orange, and lemon slices

This vivid, summery design is full of brightness and freshness. Start by applying a light pink base coat on all of the nails. With a dotting tool and bright nail polish, create small and large dots on some of the nails – create them in the shape of cherries, oranges and lemons, or any other fruit to your liking. Finally, draw a stem and some leaves for an added touch.

4. Glitter & Studs Nail Design

Child's hand wearing red fingernail polish with sparkles and black studs

This standout, glamorous design is fit for any special occasion. A few supplies are needed, such as a base coat, glittery nail polish, adhesive studs and a top coat. After the base coat is applied and dried, cover the nails with glittery polish and pat down some adhesive studs. Finish with a glossy or matte top coat, and your little one’s ready to go!

5. French Manicure Nail Design

Child's hand wearing pink and white French manicure

This classic, timeless design is suitable for any occasion. This design requires two different colors for the manicure look. Start by applying a nude or pastel pink shade on all of the nails. With a striper brush and white nail polish, create a unique border at the top of each nail. To complete the look, make sure to always apply a base coat and top coat.

6. Colorful Animal Character Design

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