Kim Kardashian Wedding Hairstyle

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Wedding day is THE DAY for a bride. She will define the beauty, and take control of her glam. That’s why, even after all these years, we are still amazed how Kim Kardashian got her wedding look. We heard about the exact makeup products and tools to achieve the looks. Is that going to work for us? Let’s find out!

Product #1: Lust: Red lipstick

Kim Kardashian wedding day makeup

The first part of the Kim Kardashian look is to bloom that red lipstick. The exact one she used is Lust lip colour from Charlotte Tilbury. The brand itself is actually known for its lux and long-lasting lip colour. That’s exactly what you want on your wedding day — you don’t want to worry about your lipstick fading away all day.

Product #2: Full Fat Lashes mascara

Kim Kardashian wedding day makeup

The mascara of choice to bring life to Kim Kardashian’s look is Full Fat Lashes Mascara by Charlotte Tilbury. As many others, she also volumized her upper lashes. A quick tip is to like it at the root and then brush it outwards! This will give the shape of false eyelashes paper in just two steps.

Product #3: Brow lift

Kim Kardashian wedding day makeup

Kim Kardashian also focuses on her eyebrow shape and colour. The exact product to use is the Brow Lift by Charlotte Tilbury. But don’t forget to always pluck out the hairs at the end of the eyebrows to make sure they grow in an upward direction. Also, it’s very helpful to mark the brows with a brow pencil to ensure that everything is symmetrical.

Product #4: Eye shadow and eyeliner

Kim Kardashian wedding day makeup

If you’re aiming for a Kim K look, your next job is to use an eye shadow and an eyeliner. For the shadow, you can use Charlotte Tilbury’s “The Dolce Vita” which is a warm, dusty brown. For the liner, you can use Charlotte Tilbury Ink Liner, which is a super fine tip and intense in black. It will give your look a super trendy winged shape.

Product #5: Concealer

Kim Kardashian wedding day makeup

After all these steps, you can now make sure that your face looks perfect. What Kim used for the finishing touch is the Retoucher Concealer by Charlotte Tilbury. All you need to do is to dot it under the eyes, around the nose, and anywhere else you need to conceal from imperfections or marks.

The final touch: Setting powder

The Exact Makeup Products Used to Create Kim Kardashian's Bridal Beauty