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Rap Superstar Kodak Black has recently gotten into some serious trouble behind bars. But what has got people talking is the fact that he’s apparently in fear for his life after being drugged by unknown individuals. This is really shocking to hear for a mainstream musician, who’s often recognized more for his music than his tragic life experiences.

Kodak Black Claims He Was Drugged

Kodak Black looking sombel

Kodak Black recently took to Instagram to tell the world how he was drugged behind bars, and how he felt afraid for his life. He was particularly disturbed by this ordeal, as he was unfamiliar with the individuals who allegedly drugged him. Kodak also showed his vulnerability by expressing fear for his physical and mental state. Many fans responded to Kodak’s post, saying prayers for him and hoping he finds the strength to keep going during this difficult time.

Kodak Needs Our Support Now More Than Ever

Kodak Black on a concert stage

Kodak may have a history of legal issues, but right now we should be focusing on supporting him through these tough times. It’s obvious that he’s in need of some understanding, so let’s show him that he is cared for by the people whose lives he has managed to touch and inspire through his music. If you haven’t already, show your love and support to Kodak on social media. We wish him peace and strength in these turbulent times.

Kodak Black in fear for his life behind bars after being drugged