Life World Women: Lace Nail Art Tutorial / Lavender Pink & White

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Lace nails have been one of the most popular trends for some time now, and mastering the art of lace nails is definitely something worth investing your time in. If you’re looking for something a bit more delicate and subtle, this Lavender Pink & White Lace Nail Art Tutorial is perfect. It’s easy to replicate, regardless of experience level and won’t take terribly long to complete either.

Tutorial Instructions

You will need a few basic tools, they include:

  • Base coat
  • Lavender nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Top coat

Once you have all the necessary tools, apply the base coat to protect your natural nails from the paint. Apply the lavender nail color to create the background of the design.

Tying The Lace

After the lavender polish has dried, take the white nail polish and start drawing thin horizontal lines, as if you are “tying a lace”. It’s easiest to create either an off-center or a centered pattern. If you are creating an off-center design, start by drawing 3 thin horizontal lines in the middle of the nail. Next, create the lace decoration by placing thin lines above and below the three you have already made; alternate between two makes the pattern more interesting.

Lavender Pink & White Lace Nail Art Tutorial

Finishing Up

Continue adding thin lines until you reach the end of the nail and your design is complete. You can adjust and tweak until you are satisfied with your pattern. Finally, apply top coat to your design to seal and protect. This will make the look shiny and neat and will also make sure it lasts longer.

That concludes this tutorial. This stunning Lavender Pink & White Lace Nail Art Design is subtle enough to look elegant and glamorous in any kind of occasion. Plus, you can easily replicate it and even create a few variations of the pattern – be your own canvas and go wild with your creativity.

Life World Women: Lace Nail Art Tutorial / Lavender Pink & White