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Context is key. Before styling your hair it is important to understand your hair’s structure and which cuts best suit your face shape. Long-haired canadian women have a multitude of styling options available to them. From soft curls to sleek bobs, layered tresses to beachy waves and smooth straight locks, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the top long hairstyles Canadians ladies should consider in 2022.

Soft Curls

Young girl wearing tight curls in her hair

Soft curls look natural and fun. They are ideal for women with thick, crimpy hair but can be easily adapted to any hair type. To achieve this look, use a medium to large barrel curling iron or some perm rods. You may need to use a curling cream or mousse to help hold the curls. Finish off with a shine serum or cream to make your curls glossy and smooth.

Beachy Waves

Young girl with beachy wavy hair

Beachy waves are the definition of effortless style. This easy look only requires a round brush and a blow dryer. To achieve the look, lightly backcomb the hair at the roots and blow dry with the round brush. For an even more effortless approach, you can use a salt spray at the roots before styling. Finish off the look with a shine serum for extra gloss.

Layered Tresses

Young girl with layered long hair

Layered tresses are perfect for women who want to add movement and body to their hair. They can be achieved by using different lengths of layers or by using a razor cut. You can also use shortcuts to create tousled and slightly chaotic hair. To keep your layered tresses in place all day, use a hairspray, mousse or wax while styling.

Smooth Straight Locks

Young girl with straight hair

Straight, smooth locks are ideal for a sleek polished look. To achieve straight tresses, start by using a detangling brush and a leave-in conditioner to ensure your hair is tangle free. Then flat iron your hair or use a blow dryer and a round brush. To get perfectly smooth hair and to lock moisture in, use a straightening cream or serum before flat ironing. Finally, add shine with a heat-protective hair serum.

Long hairstyles for Canadians ladies can be incredibly versatile. With a variety of styling options and products, you can switch it up depending on your mood and the occasion. Keep your options open and consider trying out some of these looks in 2022.

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