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For many of us, the layered haircut is an easy go-to when it comes to snappy, stylish hair and the latest trends. There’s plenty of creativity in the layered look, so no two layered haircuts need to be exactly the same. The versatility of a layered haircut also lets you have a choice of looks: you can have a longer, more formal layered look, or you can liven it up with a short cut. Whatever type of hair you have, whether straight, wavy or curly, there’s sure to be a layered look that works for you. To get your creativity going, here is a look at some of the best layered haircuts.

The Classic Bob

woman stying her shoulder-length layered bob with a brush

The classic bob is always a popular look, and it’s no wonder why. It works on so many different face shapes and can be customized depending on the body and weight of your hair. It’s a signature classic style with a timeless look.

The Short, Choppy Cut

woman with short choppy layered haircut

This short, choppy layered look is perfect if you’re seeking something more daring than a classic bob. The layers can take a fullness away from the face and also design a few different options for styling. The more concentrated the layers are, the more in-fashion the cut looks.

Long, Textured Layers

woman with long, textured layered haircut

This cut works best on thick, dense hair, because the layers create movement. Long layers also emphasize length and texture, and can easily be styled for special occasions. If you’ve got long hair, this is the kind of layered cut you should be trying.

Fringed Layers

woman with layered fringe cut

Adding a fringe can be an excellent way to accentuate a layered look. Try a soft, framing fringe to add just a bit of texture and volume around your face. It’s a step up from the classic bob and an ideal option to mix things up.

Flipped Layers

woman with flipped layers

This layered look works best for those who want to add some additional bounce in the hair. Flipped layers stand out from even the choppiest cuts and it does a good job of making hair look voluminous and full. Ask your stylist for long, vertical layers for the very best end result.

Shaggy Layers

woman with shaggy layered hairstyle

The shaggy layered look is one that continues to be popular season after season. It exudes fun, a sense of freedom and styling options. With so many choices, you can make this look as choppy and voluminous as you want. If you’re feeling bold, you can also opt for lots of colors and highlights.

The French Bob

woman with french bob layered haircut

Nothing says glamorous hair quite like the French bob. This layered cut adds definite Parisian vibes. Keep the layers at the front longer than the back for the suggestion of a bob. It’s an excellent way to add elegance and
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