Layered Bob Cut Hairstyle

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Layered bob hairstyles are elegant, fashionable and add a certain gracefulness to one’s look. The layered bob looks great on many hair types and is often seen on celebrities. A variation of this hairstyle is the short, layered bob with bangs. This look is chic and can work on both day and night looks.

Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob Hairstyle

The choppy bob offers a look that is daring and sophisticated at the same time. This look can be achieved by adding layers throughout the length of the hair. Styled with a center part, the choppy bob looks amazing. Add some bangs to the front and sweep them off to the side.

Layered Bob with Bangs

Layered Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

A classic bob, with layers throughout the length, can be enhanced with bangs. The bangs should be cut to above the eyebrows and styled with a center part. This look will elongate the face and make one look more glamorous.

Layered Bob with Curls

Layered Bob Hairstyle with Curls

The bob can be styled with curls to make it look more voluminous and chic. Curls can be added to the hair throughout the length or to the ends, to give them more texture. This look can be taken from day to night with ease.

Razored Bob

Razored Bob Hairstyle

The razored bob can be cut with uneven layers and styled in an edgy way. This look has been a favorite among many celebrities and looks great on all hair types. A texturizing spray can add more volume to the hair and keep it looking fresh.

Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

The inverted bob is a great look for someone who wants to add more volume to their look. This look adds an elegant touch to one’s look, and can be styled in many different ways. To get the inverted look, a stylist should cut the layers to the back and away from the face.

Layered Bob with Highlights

Layered Bob Hairstyle with Highlights

The layered bob with highlights is an eye-catching look. Adding some subtle highlights to the hair will enhance the look of a layered bob. This look can be pulled off during any season and looks amazing
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