Layered Hairstyle Images

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Long, layered hairstyles are always in style. Whether you are looking to add volume to your tresses, or simply want to change up your look, layered haircuts with texture can help you achieve just that.

Choppy Ends

Choppy ends provide texture and on-trend style that’s perfect for any event. This layered look is great for adding volume since it gives the illusion that the hair has more body.

Choppy Ends hairstyle for layered haircuts

Layers with Straight Hair

For those with straight hair, layers are a great way to give your locks more shape and a different look. Consider face-framing layers that go above the shoulder, adding dimension to your hair while also keeping it healthy looking.

Straight hair layered hairstyle

Surfer-Girl Style

This fun and flirty hairstyle looks great on any wavy or curly-headed gal. To begin, start with incorporating layers to give it an edgy finish. This style is perfect for summer and can be easily updated and reworked.

Surfer-Girl style layered hairstyle

Blunt Banged Bob

This style incorporates choppy, ultra-short layers and bangs that are long enough to create a blunt edge. To make the style look modern, style the bangs up and away from the face. This look and style is effortless, easy to achieve and will last throughout the day.

Blunt banged bob layered hairstyle

Uneven Layers

This look is perfect for making the illusion of more hair, as the varying lengths of the layers create more interest and affect your entire style. Daring and bold, the uneven layers look will flatter any face shape.

Uneven layered hairstyle

Long Layers

If you prefer a longer look, try a long layered cut with long bangs. This look is great for periods when you want your hair to flow effortlessly, with the layers framing your face perfectly.

Long layered hairstyle

Regardless of your hair type, there’s a layered look out there for everyone. From those with wavy hair to those with straight, these styles are simple, yet stylish ways to add dimension to your hair. It’s time to give your look a facelift and opt for a layered cut that will make everyone admire your hair.

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