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Whether you have short hair, long hair or medium hair – there are always lots of different hairstyles you can choose from. Shoulder-length hairstyles provide lots of versatility and are easy to manage. From frizzy to smooth, curly to straight, you can do all sorts of different styles with this gorgeous hairstyle.

Top Knot

A woman with brown hair styled into a top knot

The top knot is extremely popular and it works great with shoulder-length hair. Simply pull the top section of your hair back and tie it into a knot. Use bobby pins to secure it at the back of your head. You can even add some cute accessories to the knot to complete the look.


A woman with brown hair styled into tight curls

Shoulder-length hair looks stunning when it’s curled. Using a curling iron is an excellent way to add some gorgeous curls. Use different sized irons for different styles. Smaller sections of hair create more defined curls and large sections create looser waves. You can also finish off your look with some hairspray for extra hold.

Half-Up Half-Down

A woman with brown hair styled into a half-up half-down style

Half-up, half-down is a great style if you want to show off your length. Tease the top section of your hair and tie into a loose bun at the back. Leave the bottom section down so it curls around your face. This is a great style for special occasions, like weddings and parties.


A woman with brown hair styled into layers

Adding layers to your shoulder-length hair gives it the extra volume it needs. Ask your hairdresser to add layers to whichever style you choose, but be sure to take a picture of the style you want to ensure that you get the look you’re after. Layers add texture to your hair, as well as making it easier to style.

Beachy Waves

A woman with brown hair styled into beachy waves

Beachy waves look amazing on shoulder-length hair. This style can be achieved by using a wand or curling iron to make your hair look more relaxed, like it has been curled by the beach. This style is perfect for summer when you want to add a bit of texture to your hair. You could even add some sea salt spray to add extra volume.


A woman with brown hair styled into a blowdry

Blowdrying your hair is an excellent way to create a textured and voluminous look. Use a round brush to lift the roots of your hair and create a more voluminous style. You can also use a paddle brush to create sleeker, shinier looking hair.

Shoulder-length hairstyles are so versatile and easy to manage. From top knots to beachy waves, there are plenty of different styles you can try. Whether you like to look sleek and professional or fun and flirty, you can do it with a shoulder-length hairstyle.

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