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Nailed it: Refreshing Nail Art Design With Geometric Lines

Are you looking for an easy way to spruce up your regular manicure routine and try something new? Geometric lines are the way to go! Stepping away from the traditional floral and polka dot patterns, geometric lines offer an on-trend modern look that everyone will be talking about.

These designs are easier to create than you might think — all you need is a colorful nail polish collection and some tape. With just a few strokes, you will create powerful and artistic geometric shapes and lines that will leave all your friends in awe.

One Color Geometric Lines

If you’re just getting started, stick with one color of nail polish and three geometric shapes: squares, rectangles and triangles. To get neat and even shapes, be sure to use tape to outline the shape before you fill in the color. This will help you achieve clean-cut lines, ensuring a stunning result.

Geometric Lines Nail Art Design

Try incorporating different sizes and shapes — think triangle French tips or diamond cuticles — to add pops of fun and interest. With this single color design, the possibilities are endless!

Colorful Geometric Lines

To take your nail art design to the next level, incorporate different colors to create an eye-catching geometric design. Create a contrasting look by playing with colors that complement each other. Going with a bolder look? Choose complementary colors that will stand out against each other.

Geometric Lines Nail Art Design

Again, use tape to make sure that the lines are distinct and the colors are defined. Additionally, if you’re going for a detailed design, you can use a thin brush and a steady hand for the finer details. Play around with different color combinations to find the one that best suits you.

Ready to give these geometric lines a try? Let your imagination fly free and create beautiful geometric designs that will have your hands and nails looking perfect!

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