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Most people have a few go-to nail designs they know and love, and if you’re in the creative mood to express yourself, it can be helpful getting ideas from others. The best part of trying out a new look is the ability to express yourself differently every time. We recently stumbled upon an awesome nail art with lips that you simply cannot pass up. Expressing yourself through some artful beauty has never looked better. It’s the perfect way to spruce up your everyday look, and have the compliments take off wherever you go.

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This sparkly pink combo with bold red lips is a great way to bring out the sparkle even in the most basic color combination. By adding some fun designs, the classic red and pink makeup look transforms easily. It’s quickly perfect for any event, day or night. Once you’re comfortable with adding some designs to your nails, you can upgrade the design with some sparkles, gems and rhinestones that add even more dimension to your nail art.

If you’re not feeling as creative, but the darker makeup tones are more fitting for your day to day look, the darker red and black lips on the pink backdrop gives a great base for some daring designs. The best part of trying out a new look is the ability to express yourself differently every time, and this bolder look definitely adds that spark. You can choose from an array of designs and embellishments, that range from cats and stars to bold prints.

Nail art with lips image

The best part about painting your nails with designs, is that the sky is the limit. Whether you choose to stick to traditional designs like polka-dots or go all out with abstract art, the art in nail art can create something totally unique and personal. You’re free to go as simple or as intricate as you’d like, and sure to make a statement of your own with whatever design you settle on.

Whether your special occasion calls for something more than just a traditional color, or you’re just feeling extra daring and fancy, this awesome nail art with lips will help you get your look exactly the way you want it. Not only can you express yourself, but serve unbelievable vibes in your own unique way.

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