Ig @emazingmani Disney Little Mermaid Gel Manicure Nail Art Ariel

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Are you looking for a nail art idea for your next at-home manicure? Then you should try this cool Disney Little Mermaid gel based manicure design, inspired by Ariel from the classic movie. The different colors of glitter and the subtle use of pearls make this nail art one heck of a show stopper.

Disney Little Mermaid gel manicure nail art Ariel

The base coat of this Disney inspired nail art is pink with a beautiful ombre going on the top and bottom. Top, you can see a thin gold glitter line which makes this nail art even more extraordinary. Secondly, Ariel looks very defined on the ring finger with a light pink perfectly shaded to give a 3D look. On the other hand, the other five fingers have dark pink and light-green combination which also looks quite interesting.

Finally, to make this nail art stand out, pearls and glitter have been used effectively. These small-size pearls give an illusion of scales which looks gracefully beautiful. However, if you have a better idea to enhance the design then you can definitely add that too.

This nail art is a perfect choice for anyone who loves to make a statement. It looks great, stands out, and will make all the heads turn. Try this option for your next at-home manicure and let the compliments come pouring in.

IG @emazingmani Disney Little Mermaid gel manicure nail art Ariel