Long Chinese Bob Hairstyle

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A perfectly bobbed haircut is always a signature look that flatters any face shape and adds a little chicness to your overall style. However, no regular bob can compare to the Chinese Bob! The Chinese Bob takes the normal, classic bob and adds a modern twist that is simply irresistible. This new take on the bob holds so much potential for creativity, allowing you to showcase your unique personality and style. Whether you’re hitting the streets, clubbing, or hitting the beach, the Chinese Bob is the perfect way to make a real statement.

Soft, Layered Styling

The Chinese Bob could be considered the softer, layered-style cousin of the classic bob. This look offers women of all ages the perfect opportunity to experiment with varying lengths and layering techniques. The flattering style of this take on the bob is sure to have you turning heads wherever you go.

Picture of woman with Chinese Bob Hairstyle

Modern, Sleek Design

Unlike the classic bob, the Chinese Bob includes modern sleek elements to give the look an extra edge. This look takes the clean lines of a classic bob and adds a dash of flair with layers, wispy side-swept bangs or other creative flourishs. These design elements only serve to enhance the look and give you an added touch of glamour wherever you go.

Loose and Casual Curls

If curls are your thing, than the Chinese Bob is an excellent way to show them off. This look allows you to make a statement with both the length of the cut, as well as loose and casual curls. This is a great way to show off your bouncy curl patterns and make the most of your natural texture.

Shorter Lengths for Dramatic Looks

Short bobs are always a great way to rock a dramatic look. The Chinese Bob lets you opt for shorter lengths for a more defined and bold look. This style is perfect for all face shapes and is certainly one of the hottest looks for the season.

Creating a Chinese Bob

Whether you’re looking for a modern take on a classic cut, or you want to create the perfect statement-making style, the Chinese Bob is the ideal look. It’s soft, layered style and modern elements offer you plenty of options for expressing yourself. From bold and dramatic looks to softer and curl friendly styles, the Chinese Bob has something for everyone.

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