Long Dark Hairstyles

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Long dark brown hairstyles can be flattering on all types of face shapes and hair textures. In particular, women with thicker, textured hair may find that this look adds a bit of volume and texture to their hair that can be very attractive. Women of Asian or Mediterranean ancestry may find that the dark hue complements their skin tone and eye color in a uniquely flattering way. Regardless of your ethnicity, long dark brown hair can give you a gorgeous, timeless look.

Soft Retro Wave

Woman with soft, retro wave in dark brown hair

Soft, romantic curls are timeless and always in style. Women with longer, wavy hair can easily create this beautiful look with the right products. This look is particularly tempting for anyone who has naturally wavy hair.

Choppy Layers

Woman with choppy layers in dark brown hair

Adding layers to your long dark brown hair is an easy way to add interest and dimension. Choppy layers create a tousled, beachy look that can be enhanced with the right products. Natural oils in hair often weigh locks down, so adding layers near the crown of your head can give you volume and body when you are looking for an extra boost.

Sleek and Straight

Woman with straight, sleek dark brown hair

Straight, sleek hair can look extremely chic and polished. The beauty of this look is that it is easy to maintain. Simply wash and use a few products to style your hair. Fringe or bangs can also be added to give a sleek hairstyle added texture and interest.

Messy Ponytail

Woman with messy, high ponytail in dark brown hair

A high ponytail is a great option for days when you need your hair up and out of your face. Even better, if you are looking for a great effortless style that pairs well with your long dark brown hair, opt for a messy high ponytail. This look is instantaneously cool and will work well with any casual outfit.

Half-up Style

Woman with dark brown hair half-up style

A half-up style can be very efficient and doesn’t require much time. Add a few bobby pins to the top half of your hair and you will have a chic and sophisticated look that shows off your dark locks. This style is great for those days when your hair does not want to cooperate.

Textured Updo

Woman with textured updo in dark brown hair

An intricately twisted and styled updo is a great look that won’t go out of fashion. This timeless look can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Even better, when done right, this look can be incredibly flattering.

Long dark brown hairstyles are universally flattering and the possibilities are endless. From soft, romantic curls to chic updos, these luxurious locks have the power to transform your look in an instant. Whether you decide to keep it natural or add an updo, your long dark brown hair will always look stunning.
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