Long Hairstyle Half Updo

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Having long locks is a great way of expressing your personal style and allowing your hair to shine. Though it can take time to take care of and can be hard to maintain, the effort is worth it when you master the perfect long hairstyle. We have put together a collection of 20 fabulous long hairstyles for you to rock to your next event.

Side-Braid Half Updo

A woman with long highlighted hair, who is wearing half of her hair in a French braid, and the rest in a bun

This look may be simple, but it never goes out of style. To achieve this look, start by French braiding one side of your hair. Then, create a loose bun with the remainder of your hair. Now all you need is a few stylish accessories and you are all set for your next outing.

Curly Waves

A woman with long dark brown and curly hair

This hairstyle adds a splash of romance to any outfit. To recreate it, start with slightly damp hair and prepare a small round brush and your favorite curling product. For extra volume finish off with a volumizing product. To maintain this look and keep the curls in shape, spritz it with a flexible hold hairspray.

Braided Headband

A woman with mid-length copper curly hair,  with a Dutch braid running along the front of her head

This look is perfect for any occasion. To Recreate, start with a Dutch braid from ear to ear along the front of your head. Then, once you reach the opposite ear, let the braid hang down, before tucking and pinning it behind your ear. This is an easy and stylish way to keep your hair out of your face.

Messy Bun

A woman with long dark wavy hair, wearing her hair up in a messy bun

This chic hairstyle is ideal for any casual event. To recreate this look, use a curling wand to give your hair lots of volume. Tease your hair up with the crown and the sides, before gathering all the hair and tucking it up in a bun. Make sure to secure it with bobby pins and spare few strands to frame your face.

Textured Ponytail

A woman with blonde long straight hair, that is set in a textured ponytail

This sophisticated style is perfect for a night out. To recreate it, start with a straightened high ponytail. Take a few strands of hair and wrap them around the hair tie. Then, secure it with bobby pins or clips. To finish this style, use some finishing spray or wax to give it a textured finish.

Fancy Fishtail

A Fancy Fishtail braid for long hair

This style will look amazing for any special occasion. Start with a side part, then begin your French fishtail braid. Secure the braid and gently pull it until it looks bigger. To finish it off, weave some colorful ribbons through your braid. This is a great way to keep your hair out of your face and look effortlessly chic.

From intricate braids to voluminous curls, there is no limit to the looks you
20 Long Hairstyles You Will Want to Rock Immediately!