Long Hairstyle Side Fringe

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We all know the best way to show off luscious, luxurious locks is to go for a long hairstyle with side fringe. Long hair can help bring attention to your best features and make you feel beautiful, glamorous and sophisticated! Here, we have compiled 20 of our favorite long hairstyles with side fringe.

Straight with Feathered Layers

long hairstyle with side fringe

This classic look is timeless and elegant. Shiny and straight locks are given a boost with feathered layers and side fringe that frame the eyes perfectly. The delicate curls throughout the cut keeps it looking feminine and gives an effortless, natural bounce.

Bouncy Curls with a Flip

long hairstyle with side fringe

This hair style has lost of impact and personality. A sweet and sassy flip at the end with a graduated side fringe set off with bouncy curls give it an undeniable ‘wow’ factor. The style can also be easily dressed up or down, making it a fantastic option for versatile looks.

Side part with Layers and Soft Waves

long hairstyle with side fringe

This look has a subtle yet glamorous touch that’s great for any occasion. The hairstyles asymmetrical side parting and layers give it a modern edge, while the soft and loose waves adds a touch of elegance. This style is perfect blend of understated and stylish.

Half up, Half Down with Flicks

long hairstyle with side fringe

This half up, half down hair style is perfect for those who want something a little more daring than the straight-laced classics. The short side fringe is split down the middle and flicked at the sides to give a slightly punk touch, perfect for lovers of alternative looks.

Asymmetrical Layers with Highlighted Tips

long hairstyle with side fringe

This hair style is fun and flirty, great for people looking for something on the edgier side. Asymmetrical layers give it volume, while the highlighted tips add a contemporary touch. The side fringe sweeps the face gently and enhances the facial features beautifully.

Disconnected Medium Bob with Tapered Tips

long hairstyle with side fringe

This medium bob with tapered tips is both playful and professional. Its disconnected layers fall in all the right places, while its medium length is a great compromise between
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