Long Hairstyles For A Wedding

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Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is not an easy task. Every bride deserves to look stunning on their special day, no matter their hairstyle, length or texture. Long hairstyles are especially popular for weddings, as the cascading, feminine look is the perfect for the romantic occasion. Below, we have 10 of the most exquisite wedding hairstyles for long hair that are sure to take your special day to the next level, no matter the shape of your face or how unique your dress is.

Soft Romantic Curls

A woman wearing soft romantic curls for her wedding

This soft and romantic look is ideal for a small ceremony or large, formal event. The combination of curls and wave creates an effortless style that can go from day to night, and can work with a classic or contemporary dress. It’s also one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain for your entire wedding day. Add a headpiece for a finishing touch, or simply incorporate antique jewelry for a look that shows off your vintage style.

Sleek and Shiny Side-swept Hair

A woman wearing side-swept hair with addition of jewelry

A chic side-sweep is the perfect way to draw attention to your face on your special day. This sleek, sophisticated style is sure to turn heads and is one of the most timeless looks for any bride. Pull your hair to one side, and leave it long and straight for a clean, classic look. Add subtle highlights to add texture or incorporate accessories such as clips, headbands, or flowers for an extra special touch.

Messy and Voluminous Updo

A woman wearing messy and voluminous updo

A messy updo is the perfect way to show off your playful side. This look frames the face beautifully and adds body to lifeless hair. Start by spraying some texturizing spray, and then pull your hair into a bun, loosely creating twists and loops to give it that effortless feel. Accessorize with floral or pearl-embellished headpieces or pins to give the look an extra special touch.

Braided Half-up Half-down

A woman wearing beautiful braided hairstyle

The braided half-up half-down hairstyle never fails to make a statement. This timeless style is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, with the lower half of the hair left straight and the top pulled back, creating the illusion of soft waves. Incorporate braids and other delicate accessories, such as headbands or fresh flowers, to bring the look to life.

Romantic Low Bun

A woman wearing romantic low bun

This romantic bun is sleeker than the messy updo but still embodies a contemporary vibe. Start by securing small sections of the lower half of the hair with an elastic band and then pulling the hair back into a low bun. Leave the top section of hair out for a soft, romantic edge. Accessorize with some gold or pearl clips to really draw attention to your face.

Royal Braided Updo

10 Lavish Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair - Wedding Hairstyle Ideas 2020