Medium Bob Hairstyle

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Who doesn’t like to rock an awesome medium bob hairstyle? Whether you are looking for an effortless style that you can wear all day long or a style that can be dressed up or dressed down, there are some great options when you choose to go with the classic medium bob look. Here are some of our favorite medium bob hairstyles to get you inspired!

Medium Bob with Headband

medium bob hairstyle with a headband

This style is all about the headband! The soft waves on the sides of the face draw attention to the headband, and the medium bob cut is an ideal length to show off an amazing headband. The hair is longer in the back, which helps to create balance with the headband and leaves you with a beautiful finished look.

Medium Bob with Bangs

medium bob hairstyle with bangs

This style offers a more edgy look without sacrificing femininity. The bangs create a fun, stylized look and the medium bob length provides the perfect frame for the overall look. If you’re looking for a style that offers a bit of a natural fringe to your bob, this is a great option.

Medium Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

medium bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs can transform any style with ease, and the medium bob is no exception. The longer length of the medium bob adds the perfect amount of playfulness to side-swept bangs while creating a fun, easy-going look. If you are looking for a flirty, fun style, this is a great look to try out.

Medium Bob with Curls

medium bob hairstyle with curls

This look is perfect for the girl who likes to make a statement without making too much noise. The medium bob length is the perfect vehicle for waves and curls, which give the style great texture and body that draw attention to the entire look. Whether you opt for a pattern of long, loose waves or a more defined curl, this look can be tailored to fit your individual style.

Medium Bob with a Flip

medium bob hairstyle with a flip

This style adds a bit of fun to any look. The bangs are curled under and the ends of the bob are flipped up to add a touch of volume. With this style, the length of the medium bob helps to create a natural frame for the flipped up ends, making for a modern and stylish finish.

Medium bob hairstyles are perfect for those days when you don’t want to fuss about with a bunch of products to keep your hair looking good. They can be worn dressed up or dressed down, and there are plenty of ways to style them to fit your individual personality! Now’s the time to try out a medium bob and rock the look.
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