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Medium haircuts have always been a fashionable and appealing look for women. The latest celebrity trend is a medium cut hairstyle 2018. Medium hairstyles can be fun, flirty, and feminine and look great when the cut is blended with layers and volume, and when the desired style is created with styling products.

Natural Curls for Drama and Texture

For those blessed with natural curls, this medium cut hairstyle 2018 provides a great look. Start by blow-drying the curls with a diffuser, then use a curling iron to groom the ends. The beauty of this look is you don’t have to go to the salon to achieve a polished look with tight curls. Use light products to define the curls and hairspray to lock it in place.

Woman with voluminous, naturally curly hair

Keeping it Simple and Stylish

If you want a low-maintenance style that will still turn heads, consider this medium cut hairstyle 2018. A layered cut with a hint of layering at the ends is an ideal option for those looking for an effortless wash and go style. Use a diffuser to keep the volume and manage any frizz when drying. Finish with a few drops of hair oil to add shine and hold your style in place.

Woman with shoulder length, tousled hair

Adding Movement and Softness

If you want to keep your cut feminine and soft, use products that help achieve that. When blow-drying, switch between a brush and diffuser to create movement. Finish with a light mousse or wax to provide softness and hold. This medium hair cut 2018 also looks great as an updo, allowing you to pull it off the neck to keep it cool on hot summer days.

Woman with shoulder length, tousled hair pulled up into a ponytail

Elegant Waves Around the Face

Elegant waves do wonders for accentuating facial features. Grab a one-inch curling iron, use a heat-protecting product, and wrap large sections of your hair around the barrel. To create that beautiful and edgy wave, spray a bit of hairspray as you go. When done, run your fingers through the waves to soften the look.

Woman with elegant, wavy hair


This medium cut hairstyle 2018 is a beautiful and fashionable look that is fit for all occasions. Whether you’re keeping your cut simple with a few layers or adding some elegant waves to your hair, you’ll be sure to stand out wherever you go. So go ahead and choose your favorite look and get ready to have fun.

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