Medium Hairstyle Ideas

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Medium length hair gives you tremendous freedom to experiment with variations of styles and it’s certainly the most versatile type of hair. If you have medium length hair and you are looking for some new hairstyle ideas, check out this list for trendy inspiration. Here are some of the most popular haircuts for medium length hair with pictures. They provide a wealth of ideas for both men and women.

Styles for Women

Women’s hair typically grows to a certain length and then stops. This can make finding the perfect style especially demanding. Medium-length hair presents a unique styling option that incorporates the best of both worlds – long and short hair.

woman with medium-length curly blonde hair turned to the right

A classic look for a medium-length cut is straight and very layered. This helps to keep the hair from becoming too heavy, providing plenty of natural volume. If you’re after a look that’s still fun, you can add subtle highlights or layers. If you need help styling your hair, many salons will assist you.

If you have long, thick hair, the bob style is an excellent choice. The length of the hair should be just above the chin and the layers can be cut from long to short depending on your preference. To keep the look fresh and effortless, keep the ends blunt and slightly tousled.

close-up of woman with medium-length wavy black hair that is connected to her chin

If you’re after a bold, daring look, go for the messy bob. This means adding texture to your hair and creating a lived-in kind of look. This can be achieved with a curling iron or a good blow-dry. Partner the look with a nice set of bangs and you’re ready to go.

Styles for Men

Men’s haircuts are becoming more modern, with a lot of focus put on texture and length. A great haircut should not only look stylish, but also suit your face type and lifestyle. Medium length hair works really well on men and can help to create a softer look.

man with medium-length wavy brown hair parted on the side

The best choice for men’s medium-length hair is a classic taper cut. This will keep the style looking timeless and easy to maintain over time. The taper cut is usually quite short on the sides and back, with the hair gradually increasing in length from the ear to the top of the head. This creates a natural look and is great for those with thick hair.

Another stylish option is the faux hawk. This style is becoming increasingly popular and involves cutting the sides of the hair into a subtle fade and the hair on top is left a little longer. This look can be styled in a few minutes with a good product and a comb.

Medium-length hair can offer great flexibility when it comes to styling. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll be able to find a style that works for you. From classic tapers to faux hawks, there are plenty of looks that are just waiting to be discovered. So why not try one out and get creative!

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