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Rejoice, guys! Medium hairstyles are taking center stage this season. For years, long and short styles have been the haircut and styling standards. But now, the new breed of trendy haircuts allows you to let go of the scalp-suffocating top knots and shoulder-length manes and go for something much more stylish and versatile in the middle. From the diverse range of cuts and styles, you’re sure to find something to suit your style and face shape.

The Crop Cut

Man with crop-cut hairstyle, combed back

This season, the crop is making quite the statement. This is great news if you’ve got a naturally thick or wavy hair type and belong to an ethnic group supported by naturally textured locks. This cut requires attention and care to look perfect; luckily, there are plenty of products designed to help you keep your ‘do in check. Think of it like a strong foundation for great styling.

The Tousled Cut

Man with tousled hairstyle

Great for straight, fine, and thin types of hair—the tousled cut is all about classic messiness. It works best with graduated layers that comprise of an extra-long quiff and a fading nape. Irrespective of important for after-style product, it is best to keep this look as undone as possible to keep it looking its best.

The Angular Cut

Man with angular cut hairstyle

Designed to give you an edgy, more adventurous look—the angular cut is all the rage this season. It’s about layering and sharpening the lines of the cut to craft a neater look. Longer at the front and shorter towards the back, the angular cut can feature anything between a faux-hawk and a quiff. Either way, you’ll need some wax to keep this one looking sharp.

The Textured Cut

Man with textured hairstyle

The one-length medium cut with choppy ends is making waves this season. The idea here is to cut the choppy side layers a few centimeters shorter than the top layer for extra body and bounce. If you have wavy or curly hair, this cut is a great choice since there’s no need to blow dry or use a hair straightener. It’s all about keeping the ends full but rough for a cool rather than crisp finish.

The Shaggy Cut

Man with shaggy hairstyle

Shaggy styles are great for all hair types and ideal if you want to strategically reduce the volume or length of your hair without committing to too much of a transformation. Ask your stylist to get creative with layers if you want increased body and texture, or if you’re after fewer layers if you want to keep it sleek. You might also try products to create a wet-look finish.

The Asymmetrical Cut

Man with asymmetrical hairstyle

If you don’t feel like blending into the crowd, the asymmetrical cut is an excellent option to consider. It’s all about having the front
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