Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

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Medium hairstyles with bangs – like having the best of both worlds! These cuts are neither too long nor too short and look flattering on almost everyone. Whether you go for wispy, shoulder-length locks or something a bit longer, it’s time to add a layer of texture and interest to your style with bangs. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the right medium hairstyle for your face shape and look.

The Feminine Pixie

A girl with a pixie cut with light bangs

If you’re looking for an effortless and edgy style, give the feminine pixie cut with long bangs a try. By asking for a gradient in the depth of your hair, you can have a slight mullet look – longer at the front and shorter at the back. Leave your bangs a tad longer and add a bit of height to the top to make the look a little more three-dimensional. To finish it off, put some cream or mousse in your hair to add texture and body.

Bangin’ Bob

A girl with a bob and side-swept bangs with highlights

The classic bob never goes out of style, and it looks even better with a fringe. Pick a style that works for you and your lifestyle, such as choppy ends, sleek ends, or soft ends. A full fringe will give you a youthful look, while side-swept bangs can add texture and frame your face. And don’t forget to accessorize with color, highlights or lowlights are always a great way to switch things up with a new look.

Shoulder-grazing Lob

A woman with a shoulder-grazing cut and blunt bangs

If you’re looking for a daring but still polished style that looks great on most face shapes, then consider the shoulder-grazing lob. The length of the cut is easy to style and the blunt bangs help to emphasize your features. With the right styling tools, you can create an ultra-sleek or polished look with volume and movement. As an added bonus, this look looks great with colorful highlights or an ombre effect, so feel free to experiment with different shades.

Keeping Your Layers Playful

A girl with curly mid-length hair and wispy bangs with highlights

Want a look that’s playful and flattering on many face shapes? Consider a mid-length cut with layers. Adding layers enhances volume and movement while thinner, wispy bangs can help to soften the look. When styling, use a curling wand to add texture and volume, and don’t forget to accessorize – colorful highlights add a fun pop to the look.

No matter what face shape you have, the right medium hairstyle with bangs can create a look that’s both stylish and flattering. Choose the right cut and style for your needs and add color or highlights for a fresh, new look.

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