Medium Hairstyle With Side Bangs

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Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with your medium-length hair. Should you put it up, or let it down? Do you try something edgy, or keep it classic? Of course, adding bangs to your medium-length style can take the look to the next level. With so many options, it can be hard to find the perfect style for you.

1. Textured Wispy Bangs

Textured wispy bangs are a great way to show off your features! This hairstyle brings dimension to your hair as you combine medium length hair with uneven light layers and light wispy bangs. To upkeep the waves, you can use a sea salt spray and a medium-barreled curling iron.

Textured wispy bangs medium-length hairstyle

2. Soft Side-Swept Bangs

These face-framing bangs perfectly accentuate any long face shape. Leave your medium-length hair with a natural texture to really let your sideswept bangs be the focus. To maintain volume, run a little mousse on the middle section of your hair as it gives hold and adds fullness.

Soft side-swept bangs medium-length hairstyle

3. Long & Edgy Bangs

For a less classic look, try long and edgy bangs! This look involves an amazing mix of different lengths—choppy, light layers, and long edgy bangs. To recreate these seamless waves in medium-length hair, use a medium-barreled curling iron. This hairstyle is bound to turn heads!

Long & edgy bangs medium-length hairstyle

4. Piecey Side Bangs

This hairstyle is a great option for those with a heart-shaped face. Piecey side bangs provide fullness and add a unique twist to your medium-length hair. To give the piecey effect, you can add a stylist product (like a mousse or texturizing spray) to make the individual pieces stand out. Feel free to customize your look with thin waves to show off the layered pieces!

Piecey side bangs medium-length hairstyle

5. Classic Side-Swept Bangs

Keep things classic and elegant with classic sideswept bangs. Sideswept bangs add a sophisticated touch that can take you from the office to an evening out. To give your medium-length hair an added boost, spray a volumizing spray on the roots and sprinkle a light hairspray all over for extra shine.

Classic side-swept bangs medium-length hairstyle