Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

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Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Hello there, gentlemen! Are you tired of the same old short haircut, but not quite ready for long flowing locks? Look no further, as we bring you the ultimate guide to stylish medium length hairstyles for men. Medium hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a versatile and fashionable look for any occasion. Whether you want a sophisticated and polished style or a laid-back and casual vibe, there’s a medium length hairstyle out there for you. So let’s dive into the world of trendy haircuts and find the perfect one to express your unique personality and style.

Medium Length Guy Hairstyles: A Guide to Modern and Stylish Looks

When it comes to hairstyles for men, medium length haircuts have become increasingly popular in recent years. This rise in popularity can be attributed to several factors, including their versatility and low maintenance. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the trend and delve into some of the most popular medium length hairstyles for men.

The Rise of Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Gone are the days when short, cropped haircuts were the go-to style for men. Today, medium length hairstyles have taken the spotlight, offering a fresh and contemporary look for the modern man. Celebrities and influencers alike have been spotted sporting medium length hair, further fueling the trend.

One of the reasons behind the rise of medium length hairstyles is the ability to experiment with different looks. With medium length hair, men have the freedom to try out various styles, from slicked-back looks to messy textured dos. This versatility allows individuals to express their personal style and adapt their hair to different occasions.

Additionally, medium length hairstyles offer a balance between short and long hair. They are not as high maintenance as long hairstyles, which require regular trims to maintain their shape, nor are they as limited in styling options as short haircuts. Medium length hair gives men the best of both worlds, making it a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals.

Benefits of Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles offer a range of benefits that make them desirable for men of all ages and hair types. One of the main advantages is their versatility. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, medium length haircuts can be tailored to suit your individual texture and face shape.

In terms of maintenance, medium length hairstyles are relatively low maintenance compared to longer styles. While they may require regular trims to avoid split ends, medium length haircuts do not require the same level of grooming as shorter cuts. This makes them a practical choice for men who want a stylish look without spending too much time on their hair.

Furthermore, medium length hair allows for a range of styling options. From slicked-back looks using pomades or gels to textured hairstyles that prioritize volume and movement, there are countless ways to style medium length hair. This adaptability ensures that you can switch up your look whenever you desire.

Popular Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

If you’re considering a medium length hairstyle, there are several trendy options to choose from. The classic side sweep, where the hair is swept to one side, remains a timeless choice that exudes sophistication and elegance.

For a more modern look, the pompadour is a stylish option. This hairstyle involves sweeping the hair upwards and back, creating volume at the front. The pompadour can be tailored to suit your personal style, with variations ranging from subtle to bold.

Another popular medium length hairstyle is the textured crop. This style features layers and texture throughout the hair, resulting in a more casual and effortless appearance. It is a versatile choice that works well for both formal and informal occasions.

Whether you opt for a classic or contemporary medium length hairstyle, there is no denying the appeal and versatility of this hair length. It allows men to express their individuality and experiment with different looks, making it a go-to choice for the modern and style-conscious man.

In conclusion, medium length hairstyles have experienced a surge in popularity among men, offering a range of advantages and styling options. From their versatility to low maintenance, medium length haircuts provide the perfect balance between short and long hair. With numerous trendy styles to choose from, men can easily find a medium length hairstyle that suits their personal style and enhances their overall appearance.

Choosing the Right Medium Length Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

In order to find the most flattering hairstyle, it is important to determine your face shape. From oval to square and diamond to round, your unique features can guide you towards the perfect medium length hairstyle.

Identifying Your Face Shape

Before delving into specific hairstyles, it is crucial to identify your face shape accurately. This knowledge will provide the foundation for choosing the most suitable medium length hairstyle for you.

There are several common face shapes, including oval, oblong, square, round, and diamond. To identify your face shape, start by pulling your hair back and examining your hairline, jawline, and cheekbones. Take note of the length and width of your face, as well as the angles of your features.

If your face is longer than it is wide, with a slightly rounded hairline and balanced proportions, you likely have an oval face shape. Oval faces are considered versatile and can pull off a wide range of medium length hairstyles. Lucky you! You have plenty of options to experiment with.

On the other hand, if your face is longer and narrower than the oval shape, you may have an oblong face shape. This means your face has more length and less width. Medium length hairstyles that add width and volume to the sides of your face will complement your features nicely.

Hairstyles for Oval and Oblong Face Shapes

Now that you have determined that you have an oval or oblong face shape, it’s time to explore the most suitable medium length hairstyles for you. These hairstyles will enhance your natural features and make you look effortlessly stylish.

If you have an oval face shape, consider trying a medium length hairstyle with layers. Layers can add movement and softness to your features, creating a flattering and balanced look. You can also opt for a sleek and straight hairstyle that falls just below your shoulders. This classic look will emphasize the graceful contours of your face.

For those with an oblong face shape, medium length hairstyles with bangs or fringe are a great choice. Bangs can help shorten the appearance of your face, adding volume and width. You can experiment with side-swept bangs or curtain bangs to create a softer and more balanced look. Another option is to go for medium length bob hairstyles, as they can add width and fullness to your face.

Hairstyles for Square, Round, and Diamond Face Shapes

If you have a square face shape, you can opt for medium length hairstyles that soften your strong jawline and add a touch of femininity. Consider trying layered hairstyles that frame your face or wavy hairstyles that add softness and movement. Avoid hairstyles that emphasize the squareness of your face, such as blunt cuts or straight-across bangs.

For those with a round face shape, medium length hairstyles with layers are your best bet. Layers can create the illusion of length and add angles to your face. You can also try hairstyles with volume at the crown or side-swept bangs to elongate your face. Avoid hairstyles that add width to your face, such as blunt cuts that end at your chin.

Lastly, if you have a diamond face shape, medium length hairstyles that balance your facial proportions are ideal. Consider hairstyles with fullness at the chin or jawline to create balance. Soft curls or waves can also soften the angles of your face. Avoid hairstyles that add volume to the upper part of your face, such as hairstyles with height at the crown.

By selecting the right medium length hairstyle for your face shape, you can accentuate your best features and enhance your overall appearance. Take the time to identify your face shape and experiment with different hairstyles until you find the one that makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Styling Tips and Techniques for Medium Length Hair

When it comes to medium length hairstyles, there are numerous styling tips and techniques that can help you achieve the perfect look. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and polished style or a more laid-back and effortless appearance, this section will provide you with the guidance you need.

Products for Medium Length Hairstyles

Exploring different hair products can make a significant difference in styling medium length hair. From providing texture and hold to adding shine and reducing frizz, the right products can enhance your overall hairstyle. Here are some recommended products:

1. Styling Gel: Opt for a medium-hold gel to give your medium length hair the desired shape and control. Apply a small amount evenly through damp hair, then style as desired. This will help your hairstyle last throughout the day.

2. Hairdryer: Investing in a good quality hairdryer can speed up the styling process and add volume to your medium length hair. Use a diffuser attachment to achieve natural-looking waves or curls, or simply use the dryer to add body and texture.

3. Texturizing Spray: For those who prefer a more tousled and textured look, a texturizing spray can work wonders. Apply it to dry hair, scrunching sections with your fingers to create definition and volume.

How to Style Medium Length Hair

Now that you have the right products, let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions for styling medium length hair. Whether you’re getting ready for a casual day out or a special event, these techniques will help you achieve your desired look:

Casual Everyday Look: Start by applying a small amount of styling gel to damp hair, then blow-dry using your fingers to create tousled waves. Finish by using a texturizing spray to add additional texture and hold.

Sleek and Polished Style: Begin with straight and dry hair. Use a flat iron to create sleek and smooth locks. Apply a shine serum to add a glossy finish and tame any flyaways.

Formal Event Hairstyle: Start with curled hair, either using a curling iron or hot rollers. Create an elegant updo by gathering the curls into a low bun or twisting them into a sophisticated chignon. Secure with bobby pins and finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

Caring for Medium Length Hair

While styling your medium length hair is essential, taking care of it is equally important to maintain its health and luster. Here are some essential tips on caring for your medium length hair:

Regular Trims: Schedule regular trims every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends and maintain the shape of your hairstyle. Trimming your hair regularly will keep it looking fresh and prevent breakage.

Proper Hair Care Routine: Use a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and texture. Avoid over-washing your hair, as it can strip away natural oils. Opt for a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair hydrated.

Protective Styling: When participating in physical activities or sleeping, consider wearing your hair in a protective style such as a loose braid or bun. This will minimize hair breakage and help maintain your medium length hair’s health.

By following these styling tips and techniques, as well as implementing a proper hair care routine, you can achieve and maintain the perfect medium length hairstyle. Experiment with different looks and products to find the ones that work best for your individual hair type and personal style. With some practice and patience, you’ll rock your medium length hair with confidence!

Medium Length Guy Hairstyles: Embracing Your Personal Style

Medium length hairstyles for men offer a versatile and stylish look that is perfect for those looking to express their personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished look or a more relaxed and casual vibe, there are numerous medium length hairstyles that can help you achieve your desired aesthetic. In this article, we will delve into different subsections that will provide you with insights on how to embrace your personal style through medium length guy hairstyles.

Experimenting with Texture and Layers

One way to amp up your medium length hairstyle is by adding texture and layers. This technique can add depth and dimension to your hair, creating a more dynamic and interesting look. There are several ways to achieve this effect, such as through texturizing sprays, pomades, or by getting a layered haircut.

Texturizing sprays are a popular choice for adding texture to medium length hair. These sprays can be applied to damp or dry hair and then styled according to your preference. They create a tousled and effortless appearance, giving you a trendy and modern look.

Pomades, on the other hand, are great for adding definition and control to your medium length hair. They can be applied to dry hair to create a sleek and polished look, or to damp hair for a more natural and textured effect. Pomades allow you to experiment with different styles, from slicked-back hair to a messy and tousled look.

If you want a more permanent solution, getting a layered haircut can provide you with the desired texture and dimension. Layers are created by cutting the hair at different lengths, resulting in a visually interesting and textured hairstyle. This haircut works well for those with thick or wavy hair, as it helps to remove bulk and create movement.

Accessorizing Medium Length Hair

To further elevate your medium length hairstyle, consider incorporating accessories into your look. Accessories not only add flair and personality to your hairstyle but also serve practical purposes such as keeping your hair off your face or adding a touch of style to your outfit.

Headbands are a popular accessory choice for medium length hair. They come in various styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to find one that matches your personal style. Headbands can be worn to keep your hair back or to add a trendy and fashionable touch to your overall look.

Hats are another versatile accessory that can instantly enhance your medium length hairstyle. Whether you opt for a beanie, fedora, or baseball cap, hats can add a cool and edgy vibe to your look while keeping your hair in place.

For a more subtle and understated accessory, consider using hair clips or bobby pins to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your medium length hair. These accessories can be used to create intricate hairstyles or simply to keep your hair neatly pinned back.

Bandanas are a classic accessory that can give your medium length hairstyle a retro and vintage-inspired look. You can wear a bandana as a headband, tie it around your neck, or even incorporate it into your hairstyle for a unique and eye-catching appearance.

10 Stylish Medium Length Haircuts for Men

If you’re looking for specific haircut ideas for your medium length hair, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten stylish medium length haircuts for men to inspire your next trip to the barbershop:

1. Tapered Undercut: This haircut features shorter sides that gradually blend into longer hair on top, creating a sophisticated and trendy look.

2. Messy Textured Look: Embrace the effortlessly cool vibe with this haircut. It involves adding layers and texture to create a messy and tousled appearance.

3. Classic Pompadour: This timeless haircut combines a voluminous top with shorter sides, creating a stylish and polished look.

4. Slicked-Back Hair: Achieve a sleek and sophisticated look by styling your medium length hair back with the help of pomade or gel.

5. Quiff: This stylish haircut involves adding height to the front of your hair while keeping the sides shorter, creating a bold and fashionable look.

6. Side Part: A classic and versatile choice, the side part involves combing your medium length hair to one side for a clean and polished appearance.

7. Textured Crop: This modern and edgy haircut features a textured top and short sides, giving you a stylish and low-maintenance look.

8. Long and Layered: If you prefer a more relaxed and effortless look, opt for a long and layered haircut. This style works well for those with wavy or curly hair.

9. Faux Hawk: Embrace your adventurous side with this bold and daring haircut. It involves styling the center of your hair upward while keeping the sides shorter.

10. French Crop: This simple and stylish haircut features a short and textured top with short sides, creating a refined and modern appearance.

Explore these haircuts and find the one that best suits your personal style and preferences. Remember, medium length hairstyles offer endless possibilities for expressing yourself and embracing your unique personality.


In conclusion, medium length guy hairstyles offer a wide range of possibilities for creating modern and stylish looks. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the versatility of medium length hairstyles allows you to experiment with different textures and styles.

Understanding the current trends is essential when choosing a medium length hairstyle. Keeping up with popular styles can help you stay fashionable and up-to-date. Currently, textured crops, messy bobs, and layered cuts are all the rage. These styles offer a relaxed and effortless vibe while still looking put together.

Your face shape plays a crucial role in determining the best medium length hairstyle for you. Different face shapes complement different haircuts. For example, if you have a round face, a style with length and volume on top can help elongate your face. On the other hand, if you have a square face, a textured crop or a tousled hairstyle can soften your features.

Once you have selected the perfect medium length hairstyle, mastering the art of styling is essential. With the right products and techniques, you can achieve the desired look. Experimenting with different hairstyling products like pomade, wax, or sea salt spray can help you create a sleek and polished style or a more tousled and textured look.

Embracing your personal style is key when rocking a medium length hairstyle. Your haircut should reflect your personality and individuality. Whether you prefer a classic and tailored look or a more adventurous and unconventional style, there is a medium length haircut that can complement your unique taste.

Medium length hair is a statement in itself. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your personal style. No matter if you choose a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle for a formal event or a tousled and messy look for a casual day out, medium length hair can make you feel confident and stylish.

So go ahead and embrace your strands. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and textures. Consult with a professional hairstylist to find the medium length hairstyle that suits your face shape and enhances your features the best.

In conclusion, medium length guy hairstyles offer endless possibilities for creating trendy and fashionable looks. By understanding the trends, selecting the right hairstyle for your face shape, mastering hairstyling techniques, and expressing your personal style, you can confidently flaunt a medium length haircut. Whether you go for a sleek and polished style or a more relaxed and edgy look, medium length hair will undoubtedly make a statement. So, embrace your strands and let your unique style shine through with a medium length hairstyle that suits you best.